How To Become A Virtual Office Assistant

Working for a virtual office is ideal for stay at home mothers or fathers, disabled or the elderly, and even people that want to take on an extra job for more income. Getting into the virtual office workforce is as simple as networking such as signing up to a freelance website or searching the help wanted ads in virtual office forums. The options here are endless.

A basic search on the internet will produce thousands of virtual offices and the top results are usually franchised offices or big offices that pay to be first in the list. The franchises employ thousands of assistants from all over the world as contracted labor. In other words, the franchise is simply the middle man. Businesses contact them because they are established, then the franchise simply gives the job to whoever will get it done the fastest and cheapest. On their websites there is always a section for virtual assistants to apply for work. They ask about what tasks can be performed and then the application is categorized. When the jobs come and are accepted by the office assistant, there will be a deadline and an amount to which is being paid out. It's that cut and dry.

Another way to land a job as an office assistant is to find and join freelance job sites. These operate in the same fashion as the franchises do, meaning they are only the middle man. They connect you to the work through their website and always charge a percentage of what the job costs to complete. The best thing about the freelance sites is you get to pick and choose what tasks you will take. For example, data entry. There will be many businesses needing data entry clerks and all of them will have a different budget. The office assistant will then decide which employer is best suited by the job and how much money is being offered.

There are some very large popular job sites out there as well. Finding an office assistant job on these sites can be risky. That's because they do not charge a percentage of the work and to list the jobs is usually free. These big job sites make their money with advertisements on their websites. The risk is there because these job sites cannot guarantee that an employer will pay you. If you are new or just starting out as a virtual office assistant, it is not recommended to find jobs from these big sites until some experience is obtained.

All over the internet there are forums specific to virtual offices and assistants and many businesses are led to them because of how search engines function. It is common for businesses and virtual offices to post help wanted ads in these forums because this is where the experienced offices and job seekers are grouped. Also these forums can be used as a tool to post what services and prices are for hire. Like with the big job sites though, using the forums as a tool to find a job poses the same risk of no payment guarantee.

When starting out as a virtual assistant, it is a good idea to find the jobs with an established company until you gain the experience needed to go solo. There are skills required in obtaining ongoing work and securing payments. Working for a franchise or a large freelance site assures you will be paid. Also if there is a task to be completed, there is the option to decline the work as long as it is done in a timely manner. The only drawback is that the freelance sites and franchises charge a considerable fee, however it a great starting point for getting into the virtual office workforce.

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