Top Metal Recycling Companies in UK

This article will let the readers to have an overview over some of the top metal recycling service providing companies based in UK.

European Metal Recycling

European metal recycling is one of the top metal recycling companies in UK. It has been an ultimate solution for a long time for every metal recycling process. Not just in UK, this company is amongst the world?s best metal recyclers offering its services locally in UK as well as all over the world through its global network. The company aims at supplying resources by doing the recycling of scrap metal. European metal recycling was started in 1994, since then the company has grown rapidly to emerge as a market leader in providing great metal recycling services. The core business of this company is to recycle the scrap metal sourced from degraded vehicles, construction and consumer products etc. The company is actually a global leader in producing high quality recycled products. It is a reliable company that uses standard machinery and equipment to carry out the proper recycling of scrap metal so as to produce and preserve the resources. So, you will get premium quality services and recycled products with this company.

Ampthill Metal Company

Ampthill metal company was formed in 1968 and is one of the leading metal recycling companies in UK. The company provides effective services to infrastructure, personnel and many other industries engaged in the metal related business. This company is highly capable of providing tailored services to its clients and customers for any waste metal stream. The team of this company comes to collect the waste metal that is to be recycled from your factory or site. After that, you will not have to worry about the process as they will do total waste management and flawless recycling of the waste metals. Mutilation is also amongst the services offered by this company but whatever service is chosen by the consumers, one thing is sure that the high quality and satisfaction is promised. Ampthill metal company is an ISO 9001:2000 registered company and is reliable. Whether you want to get an end of the life vehicle recycled or any other metallic thing, this company will be the perfect solution.


LKM was founded over 30 years ago and has enormous experience in supplying quality metal recycled results in UK. The company believes that as the standard of manufacturing is judged and defined by the quality of the end product, similarly, the high standards should be reflected when it comes to recycling the metals. The end product of metal recycling process should also be amazing and it happens at LKM. It is a respectable metal recycling company in UK which is continuously expanding the services. The management team of this company is quite impressive with the traits of being flexible, professional and knowledgeable. LKM has built a high reputation for itself on the grounds of being flexible, reliable and quality service provider. The company uses the latest designed machinery to do the processing and recycling of waste metals effectively and efficiently. If you choose this company for metal recycling then it is sure that you will get worthy results for your investment.

Mason Metals

Mason metals is also amongst the leading names of metal recycling companies in UK. The company is known for its fast and friendly service and the commitment of this company is to protect the environment for future generations by preserving the resources and recycling them. This company is specialized in recycling non-ferrous scrap metal. The metal recycling business of this company was established in 1960 and since then it is lending metal recycling services for any metal of any quantity. The services of this company include the collection of the metal to be recycled from the site, processing, recycling and destruction of the unwanted metal remains. Mason metals provide quality services to the clients and also contribute a large share in the protection and preservation of the environment. The company recycles the metal so finely that it produces great recycled products that can be used again effectively rather than getting wasted. That is why; this company is one of the good options for metal recycling services.

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