Top Suppliers of Recycling Equipment in USA

Recycling of waste materials done in an efficient manner depend a lot on the efficiency of the suppliers of the recycling equipments. In USA, a number of such companies are doing wonderful work.

Hovde Recycling Equipment

Hovde Recycling Equipment is one of the most established names in the business of providing waste recycling equipment. It has been in this business of supplying quality waste recycling equipment for the last thirty years. They are based in Chandler, Arizona and provide recycling equipment to clients worldwide. The company can be reached through phone, email or through the age old method fax as well. The company provides a huge range of recycling equipments for its clients. Some of the recycling equipments available through their extensive catalogue include car crushers, balers and loggers for ferrous materials, scrap handlers, shearers and shredders, can densifiers, can flatteners, can blowers as well as balers for non ferrous materials. They also provide fork lifts for sale, wire strippers and chopping line shredders.

Ely Enterprises, Inc.

Ely Enterprises, Inc. has been in the business of one of the top suppliers of recycling equipment since 1981. Their team of experts deals with all types of recycling and waste handling equipment. They easily guide the customers? right from the setting up of the correct design to the installation of the recycling equipment. The list of equipment includes vertical balers, horizontal balers, two-ram balers, shredders shears, compacters and conveyors. All these equipment perform a specific role in the recycling scenario. Some Industrial compactors (Stationary) are designed to process dry, solid waste. Others (Self Contained) are suitable for moist materials such as food products or food wastes. Shears are used for sizing of all types of bulky material down to a marketable manageable size.

At Ely Enterprises, Inc. a full team of in-house and off-site experts is ever ready to guide the customers. They maintain a fully stocked service fleet along with a 24-hour helpline from their Cleveland facility. Their service facility includes- installations, relines, relocations, repairs, reconditioning, preventive maintenance, facility design, bailing wire and a fully stocked spare parts department.

Quality Recycling

Quality Recycling Equipment, Inc. is a recycling equipment business company based in North Carolina. It offers a comprehensive range of new and used recycling equipment and waste to energy transformation. It offers many innovative methods to deal with recycling like the affordable waste to energy systems. It offers the best solution to deal with solid waste recycling with its quality recycling and RCBC Technologies which uses the rotary cascading bed combustor. They have a highly trained and dedicated team of technicians who are adept in finding solutions to any of the need of the customers. Their teaming with RCBC Technology resulted in establishing a rotating cylindrical combustion chamber that uses patented Rotary Cascading Bed Combustion (RCBC) Technology. This advanced module provides the safest and the cleanest way to recycle all the coal and other combustible fuels into an efficient system of producing steam and electricity. This has proved to be a great boon to the recycling of waste into energy efficient system. The waste volume gets reduced by about 90%. Even the ash which is left behind can be mixed with compost for usage in land reclamation sites.

Apollo Equipment

Apollo Equipment is in the business of supplying new and used heavy equipment for wood recycling. They have been successfully doing business in global wood waste, recycling, compost, and biomass equipment. They have the expertise to supply with any need of the customers in the shortest time possible. Their range of equipment include- Attachments, chippers, compacters, compost turners, cranes, dozers, dump/work trucks, excavators, trailers, graders, horizontal grinders, loaders, road builders, and screeners. They have the widest possible global reach, with the expertise to supply any of the above equipments any where in the world. They can understand the specific need of the client and is able to communicate also easily with them due to the presence of their dedicated team of experts in the field of sales, marketing and finance. This Florida based company has the experience of working in this field for many years. With its state of the art recycling equipment, it has reduced the wastage and scrap generated to a considerable degree. Its efficient and dedicated team members are always ready to serve the clients with a smiling face.

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