Top Plastic Recycling Companies in UK

This article serves to briefly elucidate the providers of plastic recycling facilities in the UK. The companies profiled here are some of the most well established names in the business of plastic waste recycling.

Norpol Recyling Limited

Norpol Recycling Limited is a plastic waste recycling business based in Charles Street, Lancashire. It has been in the business of recycling plastics for over twenty years, making it one of the oldest plastic waste recycling companies in the business. Being accredited by environmental agencies, the company is fully authorized to issue PRN certificates to ensure that customers meet EU guidelines. Through its special process of closed loop recycling, the company helps provide jobs in the UK, keep the recycled plastic in UK as well as minimize the carbon footprint. Norpol offers a slew of recycling services not limited to shredding, granulation and compounding; commingled waste separation etc. The pricing of the company is also very competitive and at par with the other companies in this business. Their attractive pricing coupled with their determination to ensure customer satisfaction makes them a viable option for getting one?s plastic products recycled.

Recycled UK limited

Recycled UK limited is a premier recycling company based in UK providing quality plastic waste recycling solutions to individuals and businesses alike. They provide many kinds of recycling services for plastic wastes such as hard plastics recycling, film recycling, cardboard recycling etc. Recycling UK easily provides recycling solutions to big business houses looking to dispose of PP, HDPE, PS and ABS types of plastics. The company is in fact so committed to the concept of recycling and saving the environment that they even offer the service of coming to your doorstep, inspecting the plastic waste and buying the plastic waste from you. Indeed, they will pay you to take away your waste plastic materials. These materials once bought, are processed in the industrial units of the company wherein the plastic waste is shredded and granulated to form recycled plastic. This recycled plastic is then sold off to worldwide industry at highly competitive rates. This system therefore ensures that waste plastic does not end up accumulating in landfills and harming the environment. Recycled UK also offers the option of returning the waste plastic back to you after thoroughly recycling it. It does this through its technique of Toll Grinding Service. The company is based in Wolverhampton, West Midlands and can be reached through phone, email as well as fax. As a legitimate business dealing with the process of recycling plastic waste materials, Recycled UK can be one of the best options for taking care of one?s plastic recycling needs.

Retech Recycling

Retech Recycling is a leading business provider of plastic waste management solutions in the UK. It specializes in sign and display recycling. They are also amongst the leading companies in the field of acrylic recycling. The company was established quite recently in 2001, but has quickly carved a niche for itself through its superb range of services and delivering top notch customer satisfaction. Retech Recycling has its headquarters based in Halifax, West Yorkshire and can be reached through both phone and email. They even provide the option of fax for getting in touch with them and requesting a quote. Retech Recycling offers a host of recycling services for its customers. Apart from the usual plastic recycling service, which includes recycling options for all kinds of plastics like Acrylic/ PC/ PET/ PS/PVC/HDPE/ABS etc., the company also provides closed loop recycling system as well as sign and display recycling.


Dekura is a business specializing in the recycling of all kinds of plastic waste materials in and around UK. It is a major player in the business of recycling PVC waste materials in the UK, Ireland as well as many other European countries. The company has its headquarters situated in Stafford Park, near Telford. And can be easily reached through the options of fax, phone as well as email. The sophisticated technology at the disposal of Dekura allows the processing and recycling of all kinds of plastic and PVC composites and wastes into chip granulates, micronized powder as well as compounded pellets. The range of machines and industrial units available with Dekura allows it to create recycled material from waste plastics which have a very high degree of quality and durability in them. This in turn ensures that the range of recycled products available through their business is fit for electrical ducting, door and window moldings etc.

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