Top Metal Recycling Companies in Australia

This article will serve to provide a brief overview of the providers of top metal recycling companies in Australia. The companies profiled here are some of the best in the business of waste metal recycling in Australia.

Southern Cross metal recyclers

Southern Cross metal recyclers are one of the leading companies in the business of waste metal recycling. They are a premier company dealing in the recycling of all kinds of waste metal products. They are one of the oldest companies in the business of recycling waste metals and have been doing brisk business since 1957. They specialize in waste management and scrap steel recycling. They are environmentally conscious business and as such employ the best practices in the world to reduce carbon emissions and production of greenhouse gases during the recycling process. They have some of the most advanced machinery and equipment in their warehouses to carry out integrated recycling processes. Some of the advanced equipments in their warehouses include digital weighing scales, concretized hard standing floors for cost effective recycling as well as scrap metal recycling equipment. They are based in Maddox in Williamstown North.

Recyclers Australia

Recyclers Australia is one of the most well recognized names in the business of waste metal recycling. They offer quality waste metal recycling at affordable prices. They serve clients not only in Australia but from around the world as well as they have full licenses to import scrap metals from other countries for recycling purposes. Additionally, the materials recycled after importing are largely exported back as fresh recycled metals. Infact nearly ninety per cent of the recycled waste metal is exported leading to a better environmental balance for the future. They offer a host of recycling services such as the usual pick up services as well as the not so usual bin services. Bin services allow the client to send the scrap waste metals in a variety of bin sizes such as ezi bins, standard bins, marrell bins as well as super bins. The company in addition accepts a wide range of both ferrous and non ferrous waste metals for recycling. Some of the metals which they easily accept are aluminum, copper, discarded batteries, lead, stainless steel, cast iron, light steel, plates, girders, pipes, electric motors, transformers etc. The company has its head office in Brisbane and can be contacted easily via phone, email or fax as well.

Super Metal

Super Metal is a world class waste metal recycling business based in Australia itself. It offers some of the most affordable and durable waste metal recycling options in the country. They offer a host of recycling options. The company if fully capable of recycling waste wire materials, waste insulated wires, waste copper products as well as waste aluminum products. They have state of the art equipments like hydraulic shear machines and wire striping lines which can recycle waste metals of any size or shape. Their advanced heavy duty machineries allow the recycling of even big metallic parts such as those from air conditioners, boats, automobiles, lawn mowers, trucks and Lorries as well as the usual smaller metallic items like pipes, gym equipment, batteries, radiators etc. The company has its headquarters in Dandenong South in Victoria and can be reached via phone, email and fax as well.

Pacific Metal Group

Pacific Metal Group Private Limited is a leading company in the business of recycling waste metal in Australia. The company has its headquarters situated in the inner western suburbs of Melbourne. They are a first rate company providing a whole host of waste metal recycling services, such as non ferrous waste metal recycling, catalytic converter recycling, ferrous waste metal recycling, IT and e-waste recycling solutions as well as factory site recycling and clean ups. Their vast range of services has allowed it to become one of the largest service providers of waste metal recycling in Victoria. They have a vast range of equipments as well such as balers, public weighbridge facilities, as well as scrap handling excavators. This waste management company also provides affordable prices to both individuals and big business houses looking to recycle their waste metal products. The company can be reached via phone, email or fax as well and are open on all days except Sunday. On Saturday their operating hours are restricted and they shut shop by 12pm midday.

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