Top Recycling Equipment Suppliers in UK

This will help the readers to know the products and services of some of the leading recycling equipment suppliers in UK.

CK International

CK International is one of the top waste recycling equipment manufacturers in UK. The company has been in the business of supplying great waste recycling equipment since 1996. This company is based in Northern Ireland and has a long, strong and established network of dealership throughout UK. CK International has enormous experience and expertise in the business of manufacturing and supplying wide range of standard recycling equipment. The machinery and products offered by this company are actually capable of enhancing the waste recycling business of its clients and customers. The product range of this company includes vertical and horizontal balers, portable and static compacters and much more compact solutions. The quality and innovation are the defining traits of recycling equipment offered by this company. The aim of this company is not just meeting the customer requirements but exceeding them. CK International believes in supplying high quality and reliable machinery which will give a perfect performance to the buyers and users.


Orwake is another renowned company in UK that provides waste recycling and material handling equipment. This company produces standard machines that do their job very effectively and let the users to contribute in the preservation of resources to benefit the environment. The balers and compacters supplied by this company are very cost effective which let you save money. Also they are designed to be space efficient which let you save space as they do not occupy a large amount of space. Orwake has over 35 years of experience in this business of supplying recycling equipment to various industries. Managing waste is the most expensive and complicated task nowadays and is a big challenge for various industries. But things are not the same anymore as Orwake is there in the field to provide cutting edge solutions for waste recycling equipment needs. So trust this company for some tailored waste recycling equipment and do the needful for the environment.

Pressing Solutions

Pressing solutions has complete way out for your waste reprocessing and management issues. This company started with supplying recycling equipment and machinery in 1996 and since then this company has expanded its product range. The company supplies a large assortment of waste recycling equipment like balers, spray reprocessing units, can crushers, glass bottle crushers, and much more. The company provides great solutions for recycling processes to the industries of all sizes. Whether they are small business or large business, the company has effective recycling machines for all. Pressing solutions supplies small, mid-range and mill sized balers for recycling of plastic and cardboard. The can and drum crushers from this company are effective units to process the product out of waste drink cans and it increases your metal recycling. The aerosols convert the hazardous waste into recyclable material and the whole equipment is safe and easy to use. All the recycling equipment offered by this company are convenient to use. So you will get effective recycling equipment from this company which will provide you large amount of useful residual products which would go waste if not recycled.

Tele Green

Tele green is a renowned company for supplying recycling equipment. Tele green is based in London. The company works with PEL which is a winner of the shell award for the products and machines manufactured by them reflect uniqueness and innovation. The equipments supplied by tele green company are manufactured by PEL which is an Irish based manufacture and is known worldwide as an industry leader in designing bottle crushing machines and waste recycling equipment. The glass crushers supplied by them are very silent while processing the waste glass and provide silent solution. Glass is 100% recyclable and the recycling becomes very effective when it is done by the recycling equipments from this company as the glass crushers occupy less space and save the space for other things. The company has revolutionary recycling solutions to offer to their customers and also provide them quality customer service along with the best waste recycling equipment.

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