Top Plastic Recycling Companies in USA

Modernity and plastics go hand in hand today. There is hardly any sphere of our lives where one cannot find some usage of it. In order to reduce the pollution caused by the plastics industry, its recycling has taken an important role. Here we will discuss about some of the top companies or providers in USA for plastic recycling.

Polychem USA

With sixty ?two years of service experience in the business of plastic recycling, the Polychem USA Company is one of the top market leaders in the efficient waste management field. With its roots dating back to the end of IInd world war, the fledgling business company soon grew to be amongst the leaders in the plastic industry. Plastic being a highly pliable material can easily be molded into various shapes and sizes according to the usage. This usage also generates a lot of waste material which has to be effectively recycled in order to avoid polluting the environment. Polychem USA takes pride in being a leader in the business of recycling, the plastic scrap from being a waste product to that of a useful product.

The team of dedicated professionals working at Polychem USA is always very prompt in dealing with any situation faced by the clients. They offer cheap and effective solution to the clients in no time at all. With such a long tradition of being in this business, they have developed two commercial products which help in the procedure of waste management. They are the Multi-Purge universal purging compound and the Techmaster black master batch Compound. Offering their services at competitive rates, they truly are there to serve the business of waste management in a most efficient manner.

Phoenix Recycling

Phoenix Recycling is an established player in the business of plastic waste management. It has been in this business for over thirty years. Phoenix Recycling, promotes effective and long term leadership in the field of plastic recycling. Through cooperative efforts, Phoenix Recycling is striving to modernize and streamline the plastic recycling industry. For that a lot of serious effort is going on to develop protocols for effective plastic packaging for long term consumer usability. They are also nurturing strong interface with end-user markets. This association also helps to test new materials developed for packaging purposes with the main thrust being development of better designs and longer durable plastics. Their highly trained technical team is forever striving to establish and update guidelines for the latest designs in recyclability. It sets very high standards for good recycling practices. It also has a dedicated team of marketing professionals who are very active in post consumer plastic collection through interactive seminars. They also advocate the benefit of using recycled plastics to the consumers.


The business company Vikoz Enterprises Inc. offers country wide services for effective waste management of commercial and industrial plastic and non-ferrous metals. They recycle all types of plastic scrap, regrind and virgin resins. Their door to door services also caters to all types of plastic bins, totes and boxes. They are the experts who serve the nation in effective plastic waste management. Their Gaylord boxes and collapsible plastic bins effortlessly collect the wastes from the sites itself. They also offer a twenty-four hour online customer support with a staff that is always ready to answer any question the customer may have. This plastic waste management business company was founded in 1996. In only a span of thirty-five years it has carved out a niche for itself in providing a safe and efficient recycling solution for all the commercial and industrial plastic scrap.

Their certificate of destruction which is provided on completion of any job is a viable document accepted by all. They also provide top end gears for usage in plastic waste management like Orbis collapsible bins, PET recycling equipment, plastic pallets and plastic reprocessing and grinding services which are indeed a boon for all in the business of waste recycling.

Donco Solutions

Industrial by-products in the form of plastics have been treated at Poly Recyclers since 1976. The Donco family which owns the business of plastic recycling creates sustainable systems to manage the plastic scrap from the supplier to the buyer. With this attitude of finding solutions for the problems at mammoth scale, today the business of Poly Recyclers has expanded beyond the borders to many other countries as well.

Industrial revolution combined with the growth of technological boom saw a massive surge in the use of plastics of all grades in all industries today. As newer and newer innovations came about, the rate of discarded hard wares and containers piled up. Advanced equipment of today became the obsolete junk of tomorrow. The level of this old plastic scrap became huge. The removal and recycling of this material needed the expertise of business like Poly Recyclers who made customized solutions for each of their clients their strength of work. Instead of filling up the landfills with this scrap, this plastic waste management company helps in recycling all that stuff to those industries that have the need of it. Coming under the bigger umbrella of the Donco Recycling solutions, based in Chicago, Poly Recyclers finds cost effective solutions for all the industrial plastic scrap.

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