Top Waste Recycling Companies in USA

This article provides a brief overview of the top providers of waste recycling in USA. The companies profiled in this article are some of the best and most established ones in the business of waste recycling in USA.

USA Recycle

USA Recycling and Hauling is one of the most recognized names in the business of waste recycling and management. The modern day life has had one serious consequence and that has been the excess generation of waste materials and products. For ensuring that the environment is not harmed in the process, it is imperative that all kinds of waste including domestic, industrial and agricultural are properly managed and disposed off. The company USA Recycling and Hauling brings with it two hundred years of combined experience in the waste management industry to give the best and most environment friendly ways to manage and dispose of wastes. Established way back in 1978, it is a family operated business model, based in Connecticut. It offers its customer an online service request form, which lessens the hassles of scheduling pickups. Furthermore, the company offers a host of waste recycling services including commercial services, construction roll off services, asbestos hauling, residential services as well as demolition services. Being managed by a dedicated group of professionals who are committed to saving the environment and ensuring customer satisfaction, one simply cannot go wrong when one hires the waste recycling services of the company. Additionally, the company comprises an extremely well trained customer representative staff and sales people who are both knowledgeable and friendly. This and more is provided by the company while ensuring the price remains competitive and negotiable.

Waste Management Inclusive

Waste Management Inc. is one of the leading service providers of long term waste management solutions in the country. It is one of the most recognized and reputable names in the business of waste management. It is in fact North America?s largest waste management and solutions company, having recycled well over 7 million tons of waste as of 2009. It has a huge range of services tailor made for all types of communities, both, small and large, residential and commercial. As an example of the extensive repertoire of services it provides, the residential waste management alone includes curbside pickups, recycling, on-demand disposal, portable storage etc. Services for small business include scheduled pickups, construction, compactor monitoring, bulk waste drop offs, etc. Furthermore, the company also provides specialized waste management solutions for large enterprises and companies. Services specifically tailor made for meeting the waste recycling needs of enterprises includes construction waste disposal services, medical waste disposal services, electronics waste disposal services etc.


Rumpke is the largest provider of waste management solutions in the state of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is one of the oldest waste recycling companies in the country. The business was established way back in 1932, which was in another era of time. The concept of waste management was unheard of, back then. Indeed America was a young nation then and had little need of waste management if at all. Yet the founding fathers of the company, William F. Rumpke and his brother Bernard Rumpke had the foresight to know the eventual necessity of having effective waste management solutions. Since then the company has rapidly expanded in scope and is one of the most recognized names in this business. It provides a hot of waste recycling services for both residential and commercial needs. As an example, the range of residential services it offers includes curbside waste removal and recycling, large item removals as well as yard waste services.

County Waste

County Waste and Recycling service is a New York based service provider for top notch waste recycling and management solutions. It is a small scale waste recycling business serving mostly the counties of New York and adjoining Massachusetts like Schoharie, Saratoga, Orange County, Ulster County, Greene County, Columbia, Washington County, Fulton County and Northern Saratoga County, Albany, Northern Columbia, Berkshire, Hampshire etc. They provide a host of waste recycling services. The services for residential regions include curb side recycling at no additional cost, roll of services, etc. Their services for commercial establishments include customized waste disposal boxes and containers with a wide range of drain plugs, front and back tubes, bottom channels, pockets and bumpers.

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