Top Suppliers of Recycling Equipment in Australia

In this article, we will take a quick look over the products and services of some of the top suppliers of recycling equipment in Australia.

Recyclers Australia

Recyclers Australia has been catering to the needs for recycling equipments of various manufacturing industries and general public since 1987. The services and products of this company are of high standard. The range of recycling equipment supplied by this company includes forklifts, hydraulic equipment; recycling bins etc. This company provides a complete range of gas, fuel and electric forklifts. The forklifts of 1.5 to 10 ton capacity are available with them and all of them comply with North American and European EPA standards. Recyclers Australia has got the sole distribution rights from one of China?s top producers of hydraulic machines and equipment. No matter, whether you rent or buy the recycling products from this company; they will surely assist you well and will provide technical support and service. The company is in this business of waste management since a long time. All the equipment supplied by this company are designed by experts to deliver perfect results and performance. The good thing about the services of this company is that they provide 12 months parts replacement warranty on all the equipments.

Wastedrive Equipment

Wastedrive equipment is one of the leading suppliers of recycling equipment in Australia. The company was established in 1995 and the success of this company lies in its goal. The aim of their business is to provide long lasting solutions to their clients and customers to fulfill their recycling equipment needs. The company focuses on not compromising with the quality for cost and on delivering strong customer service and ultimate customer support. They provide you right quality, right service at right price. The company has an experience of over 20 years in the waste and recycling business and that is why they have a plethora of knowledge beyond their experience. The knowledge regarding the waste industry is only increasing at Wastedrive due to their vast network of contacts which is used in making great recycling equipment and products. This company has completed innumerable supply and installation projects successfully till now. It is still continuing this great work in the waste recycling industry.


Weldstar is known to be the top supplier of waste recycling solutions and material handlings in Australia. It is the only company in Australia that manufactures specialized dry waste separation equipment. The recycling equipment offered by this company are proven to be effective, low cost and they are designed to be upgradable. Also, the equipments are crafted to be adaptable to suit all kinds of requirements and working conditions. Weldstar do not build same old kind of recycling equipment but the company believes in uniqueness and in doing experiments to come up with great and cutting edge solutions for recycling business. The aim of this company is to produce waste recycling equipment which will use as few moving parts as possible so as to deliver the best performance. Most of the largest waste management industries trust Weldstar not just in Australia but throughout the world.

It's Green

It?s green is one of the most popular suppliers of innovative and unique waste recycling equipment in the Australian market. Majority of industries and individuals engaged in the waste recycling business trust this company for their reliable products and equipment. The products and machines offered by this company include mobile tyre shredding systems, mobile municipal waste baling, product destruction systems, glass fines crushing, bottle cycler and much more. The aim of ?it?s green? is to provide suitable and perfect solutions for waste management and recycling. The range of the equipment includes various stationery and mobile waste processing and recycling machinery and equipment. Many other products like shredders, balers and crushers are also supplied by this company. All the equipments perform really well and are reliable for the recycling process to be done effectively and smoothly. So the deal of buying recycling equipment from this company would surely be not a bad deal and will certainly satisfy you. Quality and reliability is what you get from ?it?s green?.

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