Top Waste Recycling Companies in Australia

Recycling of waste products is of paramount importance in saving the world from any further ecological disaster. In this matter there are companies in Australia that are doing their best to save the environment.

Australian Waste Management

It is an Australian waste recycling Business Company wholly maintained by family members. It caters to all the areas around Melbourne and Victoria. This is one of the top end waste management companies who are focusing on reusing recyclable wastes from all the landfills in and around the Greater Melbourne Metropolitan area. Their current business thrust is working on ?Office Paper and Cardboard Recycling, Plastic & Glass Bottle Recycling and Steel & Aluminum Can Recycling?. They help the customers in reducing the wastes and help in devising ways to use the recycled products too. This company has slowly increased its business operation and bought many other smaller waste management companies within its field. It has improved its method of work thereby adding the latest technology to help in its paper shredding operations.

The approach of this waste management business company is to provide innovative and environment friendly solutions to all their customers. They do not have a one solution for all their clientele; rather they study the need of each client and then devise solutions for them. Their prime motto is total customer satisfaction at affordable rates. The Australian Waste Management Business Company is very soon on the verge of expanding its operations to New South Wales and Queensland too.

Advance Security Destruction

Advance Security Destruction Company is one of the leading waste management business companies of Australia dealing in advanced technology oriented waste management. They deal in document destruction, and office waste management. They offer top class solution in archive destruction, confidential paper shredding and recycling. One of their top priority areas is to provide secure waste management services in e-waste removal, data destruction, hard drive shredding, office clear-outs and computer recycling. Though the head quarters is based in Sydney, their team of expert deals in waste management business all over Australia. This company is one of the few to have the accrediting of ASIO Protective Security to provide safe and secure method of shredding and destroying the very sensitive data and documents from the door-step of the office premises itself.

Advance Security Destruction Company deals with a very delicate task of doing business in efficient waste management. They have a highly motivated and qualified team who personally supervise this important task. They are innovative besides being sensitive to the need of the client. They very well understand the need to keep the confidentiality of the client since they are dealing in all types of official confidential files. They deliver their services at reasonable rates and with a smile too.

Hungry Giant

The Hungry Giant Waste management business company claims to not only offer solutions for an efficient waste management but it also claims to actually help in removing the wastes from the landfill sites. They work in providing the best solutions to harness the wastes generated at affordable rates through their efficient and prompt policies. They offer the customers a single point of contact in order to manage the wastes along with the staff who offer a flexible three year contract.

The story of Hungary Giant began in 2007, with a path breaking equipment devised by a twenty-three year old Chris O?Brian. He developed the EPS Compactor machine that could efficiently compact the polystyrene packaging materials to manageable levels. Since then his business company has expanded its services all over Australia. It deals in all types of wastes like-paper, solvents, construction, food and general. Their efficient technology helps the environment from getting degraded, thereby reducing the carbon foot prints. This business company supplies equipments to all the industrial giants so that their waste could be managed more efficiently. These include-EPS, Cardboard balers, Vertical and Horizontal balers, Packers, Compacters, Cans and Aluminum Compacters and Bottle busters. The young and energetic team of experts at Hungry Giant gives the necessary training and services to handle all these equipment at comparable rates. Thus they offer one of the best means to recycle and reuse all the wastes generated.

Computer Recycling

With the coming of the age of electronics, problems arose about the safe and efficient means of their disposal and recycling. Throwing away these electronic wastes into the land fills was not the solution as these equipments contain lots of heavy metals apart from plastics in them. The company Secure Computer Recycling and Disposal was founded in Western Australian city of Perth to deal effectively the business of waste management in electronics. As their reputation grew, they opened branches elsewhere too like in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Initially they had the focus on e-waste management. Now they offer business and services in e-waste and battery recycling, secure data deletion and destruction, and asset audit, management, purchase and marketing. It is an ISO14001 certified company that offers viable ecological solutions for the whole of Australia. They offer need based solutions for effectively disposing off all the old computers in a safe and secure manner. They have the expertise to judge the reusability of any old equipment. This effective recycling garners profits which are then shared by the company with the client. The process of data deletion is one hundred percent fool proof with their teams getting the security clearance from the police itself. Dealing in business with this company for effective waste management does offer one the total peace of mind at reasonable rates.

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