Top Plastic Recycling Companies in Australia

This article provides a brief overview of some of the top plastic recycling companies in Australia. Plastic recycling is an important component of protecting the environment these days and as such the following companies provide the means to do so.

Plastic Recyclers

Plastic recyclers Australia is one of the premier providers of plastic waste recycling services in the country. In today?s modern times, many things utilize plastic as the material is highly versatile and durable. But plastic causes problems for the environment as it is usually non-biodegradable. As such ?Plastic recyclers? provides companies, business and individuals alike with a convenient alternative to help save the environment. Established in the year 1999 and operating out of Port Pirie, South Australia, Plastic recyclers Australia utilizes a unique system of state of the art technology to recycle most forms of plastic which would otherwise end up accumulating in the local landfill. Through the several layers of processing which the company performs, such as sorting and blending, many different forms of plastic are recycled into environment friendly products which are long lasting as well. In addition the business provides its clients with the option of having either solid recycled plastics or composites. Composites involve a mixture of recycled plastics and wood fibres. Furthermore, this business also provides its clients with the option of painting the final product in any color he/she may desire.

Advanced Plastic Recycling

Advanced Plastic Recycling or APR is another trusted name in the business of plastic waste recycling. Established way back in 1995, it is one of the premier companies operating in the plastic recycling business. It has its headquarters situated in Adelaide, South Australia and now has expanded the scope of its operations to include global clients as well. The highlight of the company is that they utilize the very latest in recycling technology, processes and equipment to deliver recycled products of ultimate quality. All of their products utilize 100% post user wood and plastic materials, thereby ensuring that every product they produce helps reduce the strain on the environment. They have invested heavily in purchasing the very latest in recycling technology which directly helps the client and the environment. A potential client also has the option of choosing from any of the existing profiles or create a custom product profile to meet his/her specific needs. The range of plastic recycled products which they produce is truly amazing. They have recycled products for residential homes, public spaces, aquaculture, agriculture, transport as well as national parks.

Astron Plastics

?Astron plastics? is a highly recognized name in the country producing top quality plastic recycled products for individuals and big business alike. Having offices in Victoria, Australia, Astron plastics provides quality plastic recycling solutions for clients in Australia as well as New Zealand. ?Astron plastics? specializes in recycling Industrial plastic wastes. It does not recycle post consumer plastic wastes as the policy of Astron plastics is to have clean source materials to produce its recycled products. The industrial plastics which Astron plastics is capable of recycling include off cuts, discards, defective molded products, shrink wraps and shrouds. This ensures that the recycled plastics in the plastic resins and sheet products they produce are of excellent quality. ?Astron plastics? is ISO certified as well which means that the products which the clients obtain are of top notch quality. The excellent recycling standard of the company has helped it secure a membership of the Australian Council of Recyclers. In addition, the company also carries out contract recycling in which plastic products are recycled to be returned to the original manufacturers.

Integrated Recyling

Integrated Recycling is a very well known company in the business plastic waste recycling. They provide premier plastic recycling services to its customers. As a member of the Integrated Packaging Group, the company serves as the link between recycled plastics and endurance engineered products. The company is a relatively new entrant in the business of plastic recycling and has its offices situated in Victoria, Australia. They have a range of recycled plastic products for farming and agriculture, marine and aquaculture, garden and landscaping as well as parks and recreational spots. The waste recycling technology employed by the company has an industrial patent which ensures that the superb quality offered by the company is not available anywhere else. The range of recycled products produced by the company offer a convenient and environmentally safer alternative to concrete, timber or steel.

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