How To Make Selling Dog And Cat Collars Profitable?

Conventionally, dog and cat collars have been sold in pet shops and at kennels, as pet accessories, not treated as individual products in their own right. But today, there is rapid branching out of businesses from within businesses. For example, mobile accessory business has split from the mobile sales business, and has become an independent market segment. Similarly computer peripheral business is a market segment totally disconnected to the computer sales market. Following the trend, dog and cat collar industry has developed its own exclusive niche market, independent of other pet care businesses. Many pet-owners belong to the enthusiastic younger-generation, and prefer to do most of their buying on the internet. If you want to run a profitable dog and cat collar business, dismiss the idea of setting up a conventional pet business and start a niche website business selling your dog and cat collars online, for that is where unlimited resources, customers and unimagined profits await you.

Since you will be exclusively dealing in dog and cat collars, there are several broad categories of branded collars that you will be selectively purchasing from pet dog and cat collar manufacturers, and selling as retail products at your website. Dog collars are manufactured to address activities such as: training, walking, identification or simply for fashion.

The pet dog collar categories are: Chain Slip Collars and Metal Prong Collars, aka Pinch collars which are used for training purposes and not of best selling category. Next, Martingale Collars, aka Limited Slip collars or Greyhound collars are suitable for dog walking. These collars can fetch you modest returns. Everyday Collars come in durable nylon or rolled leather, and cause less hair loss and hair parting. They have either metal buckles or quick release clasps and are available in a wide range of materials, colors and styles. Breakaway collars are also for everyday use, but have two loops to fasten the leash at two places. Head collars or halters slightly resemble muzzles, which help in dog walking training and Harnesses are for dogs with medical problems, designed to fit around a dog?s chest and abdomen, crossing over the back. Finally, Show Collars are slip collars typically made out of a braided material such as leather, nylon or metal, catering to the fancies of pet dog owners. Lastly, Martingale Leads are all-in-one collars and leads that are similar to Martingale collars.

Cat collars are largely restricted to providing: safety, flea control, identification, and simply showcasing them with a regal look! Pet cat collars fall under a few categories such as:

1) Reflective collars embedding ?blinks? for safety from traffic hazards at night.
2) Breakaway collars for identification, to attach the cat?s name and address tag.
3) Flea collars for protection against fleas
4) Personalized and Glamorous collars for enhancing appearance

The other type of pet collars you will be selling are the real money spinners, for they will be responsible for generating large profit margins to sustain and expand your pet dog and pet cat collar business. These are the innovative products you will be selling after making attractive visual and functional changes to basic dog collars that you first purchase in bulk, at low prices. Remember the keywords: ?basic dog collars?, ?bulk? and ?low-priced?.

There are plenty of Do-it-Yourself kits available online. They give you step by step instructions on how to incorporate quaint functionalities or decorative embeds and embroidery into basic collars that you purchase in bulk at unbelievably low prices. You will then market them with your own stamp as fancy, innovative and attractive pet dog and cat collars that fetch upwards of 100% in profits!

Many pet accessory manufacturers market animal print dog and cat collars. This type of collar is simple in design. It has a metal ?D? ring and adjustable plastic clasp. You can design your own animal prints and market the finished product, and sell them with a handsome profit margin.

You could also market customized or personalized Diamente buckle pet collars. Diamente is sparkling or shiny material simulating diamonds, used for stylish, flashy decoration. You could design your own diamante and crystal embellished dog and cat collars to fetch you unbelievable profit margins!

Another innovative marketing is based on exploiting the eternal ?flea problems of dogs and cats. There can be nothing more annoying to a pet owner than watching his pet scratch itself incessantly. It generally implies that the pet is infested with fleas or ticks. Veterinarians recommend flea dog or cat collars. Conventional flea dog collars operate with a flea-repelling chemical ingredient as enhancement. But the market today is engulfed with collars hosting electronic flea & tick repellents that are waterproof and last for long periods without charging. You could order them with your own attractive, fanciful design, in bulk, and fix them to the basic collars you have purchased. You can then market the pet dog or cat flea collar with fantastic profits.

Next, if you can use an embroidery machine, or engage a person to use one, there is a perfect small business idea for you ? innovative or custom name and address tag. Many people have pets that lose their name tags on a regular basis. By embroidering all the ID information necessary on a collar, the ID is firmly set and cannot be lost by pets. You will be eliminating the irritation caused by the routine aluminum ID tags attached to pet collars. Here too, there are many readymade ?Do-it-Yourself? kits that give you directions on how to embroider. You can exploit such kits to generate innovative and custom ID tags on pet collars, with embellishments like flowers, bones, or heart symbols. This work would give also give you job satisfaction of giving peace of mind to pet-owners and pets alike. You could then price the work at $ 25 per tag and take home great profits.

Continuing further, you can follow these innovative ideas to market your own: spiked, fancy, reflective, lighted, nylon, or rhinestone dog and cat collars to reap rich sales dividends. These entrepreneurial methods of innovation and marketing are only a few of the thousands of ways in which you can make personalized or customized collars yourself, adding artistic designs and ?fashion savvy? appeal to your products and propelling your new or sagging pet dog and cat collar business to undreamt of profits.

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