How To Sell Pet Carriers?

The mobility of the American population started increasing 10 to 15 years ago, when there was a surge in families taking along their babies in car trips and flights. This was accompanied by a concern for better baby safety and comfort during travel. Manufacturers, seizing this opportunity, quickly introduced a wide range of products catering to baby?s safety and comfort on road and in flight. Today, there is an upswing of pet-owners that are traveling with their pets in tow, and a similar trend is expected in the pet business industry.

Daily, pet-loving designers are churning out new products to make traveling with pets safer and easier. More pet-owners are taking their pets along with them while traveling by car or on flights. A manufacturer of pet carriers and other travel-related pet accessories quips that, ?if you spend some time at an airport, you will set ten or twelve pets go buy. If you are planning to add pet carriers to your pet business, don?t expect two things: selling pet carriers as ?stand-alone? products to sell, and secondly, don?t expect great profits at the outset.

Make a detailed study of various types of carriers available at internet website stores and how they are being projected to visitors; attend pet care and pet business web forums, post questions and read replies on pet carriers. Note the present trends in sale of pet-carriers for adult as well as baby pets. You will be launching your pet carrier business in three stages: planning, selecting the products to promote, and website design and launch.

A survey conducted on pet-owners revealed that over 70 percent of pet owners expect every pet specialty retailer to have an ?on-the-go? (ready-made) pet-travel accessory section already organized, and ironically most don?t have one. Manufacturers suggest that retailers stock not just pet carriers, but a wide enough range of pet-travel related products to meet a variety of needs.

So, in order to sell pet carriers, you must set up a full-fledged pet-travel related business, pet carrier section being one part of it. Since yours is likely a small pet business, figuring out what products to stock in the pet carrier section, can be a challenge. Pet-travel related products also include: Water Trapper Car Mats, Travel Bed with Bowls, backseat protectors, harnesses, portable water pouches, pet calmers, and a host of accessories. The next stage is to select the types of pet carriers and travel related products you are going to list in your website.

There are a wide range of dog carriers available: designer dog carriers, contemporary dog carriers, discounted dog carriers, and vintage styles. Just as there are prams for babies, for kittens there are: Wheeled Pet Carriers and Pet Strollers for pet-owners to take them for walks. For a pet-owner, selecting the right shape, size and color is a problem. You can advise your pet-owner friends to select the front pet carrier if their kittens ?cling? to them. Backpack set carriers are ideal for the small and short puppies. This advice can be proffered by word of mouth to daily customers you meet, and also listed at the top of your planned webpage display of pet carriers you are going to market. You can plan to add links for pet-owners to click on for alternative pet carriers, if they feel uncomfortable about carrying their furry friends in a back-pack. You can market light-weight pet crates that have replaced traditional all-metal crates for use in cars and SUVs:

1. Hard-shell, plastic pet carriers have rounded corners to fit into vehicles more snugly, and offer better safety features. They usually are equipped with a handle on top for carrying. This pet-carrier is preferred by cat-owners because their feline friends are usually averse to traveling.
2. Soft-sided pet carriers are the latest carriers designed to be even more portable. There is usually little or no assembly required, they pack flat for easy transport and storage, and they are lighter to carry, particularly the carriers with zipped openings at the top, which are a good choice for cats.
3. Some soft-sided carriers are designed for birds, such as the Pet Pocket Bird Carrier, equipped with a perch and removable tray. Harnesses and pet carriers were in high demand during 2009 holiday shopping season, and back seat protector sales is picking up. Pet-owners are also looking out for quality. If you?re entering pet carrier market, you should also look to market pet car seats because they are related to pet carriers. You can also include Back seat protectors and crash-tested harnesses because pet-owners are really looking for travel products that offer safety first, comfort next, and lastly attraction and appeal.

Other versions of pet carriers are designer pet hand bags and shoulder bags made of fabulous fabrics such as leather, suede, and faux crocodile, and ?in? patterns such as leopard skin and plaid for pet-owners looking for the ?final word? in pet carriers. And if a pet-owner wants a pet carrier with a little flashy bling, there are many sources on the market to buy sequins, crystals, diamante and charms, and design your own custom pet hand bags and shoulder bags. This would be a very profitable section of your pet carrier marketing.

The third stage is setting up your website, advertising your products and generating traffic to your website. If you are new to website business, engage a communicative website developer; make it clear at the outset that you need to discuss a lot of technicalities during the website construction. This would involve a modest budget of $500 to $1000, inclusive of placing website ads at travel and tourism websites, airline websites, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, Pet Travel Bog and Pet Travel Forum. Ask your website designer to use the latest traffic generating techniques. You can provide on-site information about which airlines are giving better deals on pet-carriers. Such proactive advice would create a special place for you in the hearts of pet-owners. Anticipating pet-owner problems and placing appropriate advice will play a big role in your marketing strategy for selling pet carriers.

If your present pet business is dog-walking, pet day care, pet grooming, or pet-sitting, you could advertise your new pet carrier business by word of mouth, ?flyers?, and brochures that contain pictures and descriptions of selected pet carriers suiting pets of all sizes and types.

Now, since you will have gone through the three stages of implementing your pet carrier sales strategy, you can be confident of getting website enquiries followed by website sales as you continue with your routine pet business.

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