Top Video Production Companies in Australia

This article would cover the top video production companies operating in the country of Australia.

Ridge Films

In the esteem list of the video production companies successfully operating in the country of Australia, the name of Ridge films video production services is on the top. The company resides in Sydney Australia and providing its revered services to its clients for the past 10 years. This is a splendid company that has an excellent history of making corporate videos and trainings. Nothing is there which can't be converted into videos. The same is the motto of this superlative video production company. The Ridge film has strong and professional expertise that can help you in plenty of ways. They are professionally equipped to enhance your business. They are competent enough to create your visual representation available to millions of clients worldwide. They can make quality videos to increase the sale of the products and services of your company. For the past 9 years they have been able to create thousands of quality videos to satisfy the insatiable urge of their valuable clients. They don't just do it only as a job indeed. They take their job as a passion. Their professional empiricism is able to completely grab the clients requirements and thus providing him exactly what he needs. This is the primary reason for their unbeatable success in the market and their clients who are their chief assets are their indirect business marketers as well.

Nerd Entertainment Pty Ltd

Nerd Entertainment Pty Ltd is no doubt a world-class video production company residing in Australia. Note down that the Nerd entertainment company is not an old company in the market, still it is growing with such a fast pace which is commendable all across the globe. They initiated their excellent operations a few years back in 2009 and since then they haven't turned their back. They are one of the best video production companies which support the feature film production as well as the short film production services. However the exceptional factor about them is this that video production shows only a singular facet of their business domain. They have not confined their business services to only video productions. They are also providing other business services as well like the script writing and consultation services, website development services, iphone development services and plenty of other services as well. With the current pace, the time is not far when this company would be able to capture the entire market and would act like a polestar for plenty of other competitive companies operating in the Australian markets. They have the latest new equipment installed combined with the required expertise. All of these factors have made them the world-class video production company of Australia and the clients reviews are more than excellent. Each passing day is bringing them into a new era of success.


There is no doubt about the surpassing professional beauty of the Act3animation video production services company. This is a private company operating in the area of CGI animation and visual effects. Founded in 1992 in the heart of Australia i.e. Melbourne and since then excelling in the field of video production services. Multitudinous short films and character animations are made under their professional empiricism. This is really a superlative company which is doing its best in all the related video production fields. They have also made a great contribution in the field of 3d gaming industry. The unbeatable" blue tongue entertainments starship troopers 2000" created by them have notably accomplished the AEAF award for excellent game animation of the year. The December 2006 came with the breaking news that Act3animation has launched a splendid lab named "Deakin universitie's motion lab" which was a landmark in the history of this esteem company as it was an extremely high quality motion capture studio. Now the Act3animation Company is growing with a fast pace capturing world markets and is targeting video production clients from all parts of the world. In the current era of competitive environment, only professional companies would survive and there is no doubt that Act3animation is on the top of them.

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