Top Music Production Companies in UK

In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the top music production companies in UK.


EMI is a private British music company that stands for "Electric and Musical Industries Ltd". Founded in the year 1931, this music company inaugurated its recording studios at Abbey road London and since then this music company is striving its best to deliver exceptional music for the music lovers all over the world. Being the most prominent music company in UK, they have served plenty of artists all across the globe. It is the company that has made great musical magics by collaborating with worldwide music artists. The locus of those artists doesn't confine to only UK due to the fact that plenty of offshore artists have also worked with this company. EMI is one of those companies who always adapt the new technology and new trends as soon as they arrive in the market. That is the reason that EMI has given a very special attention to the new internet technology and adjusted themselves with its fast pace. Their first website was placed live on the internet 18 years before and EMI flooded the internet with its first complete album in 1998. Today the internet is over crowded with huge amount of music due to the prime contribution of this superlative music company. The contributions to the music industry endowed by this company are enormous and the future of music production industry lies in this company as well.

2002 Studios

2002 studios is one of the topnotch music production companies headquartered in London that has brought the musical industry to a new musical height. They have delivered different tasty slurps of musical magics for the music lovers. The chief musical products include the audio mastering and online mastering. Their London based recording studio is fully equipped with the latest facilities. It provides all the essential equipments required to produce the music right from the scratch. They have an ideal studio for creating a perfect gem of music. Their superlative production services incorporated with advanced technology can be utilized to create full album productions, the mixing and mastering facilities and also for the ideal music training and music ICT consultancy. The online users can also enjoy the glistening news that they can access their website on the net and can download the desired music. They don't charge enough for the download and its your choice to pick out the music genre and start downloading. 2002 Studios Company is working a lot to produce top-class music records.

London Music Video

London Music Video, as the sparkling name indicates that it is the music video production London based company, melody lovers believe that its the chief music production company which is immensely dedicated to dig out the new musical gems. They are the one who can really give a leading edge to any type of music style. Their professional practicality can be observed from the fact that the key music channels like the MTV, MTV Base, MTV Europe, The Box, Channel U love to revitalize their channels with musical videos crafted by London Music Video Company. All of the above mentioned hit channels adore their music productions to bring life in their channels. On their website, you can witness the clients tributes in the shape of testimonials which are very impressive. The clients are more than satisfied and that is the only reason that they love to work with them in the future also. Even if you need some assistance regarding music production, you could give them a call and they would respond you right away. Working with them would undeniably give you an unforgettable experience in return. No doubt that it would cost you some bucks but note down that their entry level fees are quite low as compared to the other music production companies operating in London. Hence for making a fantastic video in a medium budget, London Music Video Company is the best choice. This company is also the best pick of all mainstream corporate firms and all those individuals who need outstanding music videos.

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