How To Sell Pet Food?

If you are an entrepreneur having great fondness for pets, respect their unique qualities, and prefer their company to that of people, you are well-suited to starting a pet food business. And if you have already had some experience in pet-sitting, dog-walking, or pet-feeding, great! You only need to plan about how much to invest, develop contacts, cost-effective advertisement and spend substantial time studying various pet-foods and do some pet-food market research.

Dog and cat foods are your best bet when you start a pet food business. If you are a lover of aquatic or winged friends, you could foray into fish food or bird feed markets after getting a grip in the bigger canine and feline food market. You could obtain valuable information by discussing your proposed pet food business with friends and dog-walking citizens about the kind of foods their dogs or cats prefer. Even if you have no one to discuss with, you can browse internet websites and visit pet forums. You could also do pet food survey in your region before you start placing orders to companies, receive stock, and start selling.

You have a wide range of pet foods to select from: natural foods, luxury foods, foods specially designed for pets with ailments like liver, kidney, diabetic and skin problems, raw-food diets, as well as bird feed, etc. The top pet food manufacturing giants are: Nestle, Mars, Procter & Gamble, Colgate Palmolive, Del Monte and Nutro, leading this $12 billion industry, while Walmart and Kroger are top private ?labelers? that manufacture for the big players. Then, there are bakeries at city and regional levels that specialize in making dog biscuits and other tasty treats.

Being a pet lover, you might be convinced that the charming pack of pet food you are going to sell contains the very best of meat, beef and grain. Sorry! Pet food manufacturers think differently! The leftovers of human food and agricultural industries serves as a niche source of cheap and bulk raw material for pet food manufacturing companies. The scraps of skin, hooves, esophagi, udders, feathers, beaks and claws that are left over, and whatever grain is found unfit for human consumption, finds its way into the pet food packed in snazzy cartons that you are going to sell. If you are a good cook of pet food or snacks for dogs or cats, it would be a great plus point to justify selling wholesome, nutritious products rather than those of pet food conglomerates. Moreover, you will have better profit margins than by selling branded pet food. You could market your own products online as well as at friendly, cooperative local pet food outlets. Even if you can't cook, you can always resell high-quality foods created by others. However, when you do so, you should bear in mind the melamine ?recall? scandal of adulterated pet food in 2007, when hundreds of pets died amongst nearly 500 cases of kidney failure because a marketed pet food was contaminated by melamine. Therefore, be conscious about the ingredients and quality of the pet food that you prepare, or market from local bakeries.

The next point is how to operate your pet food business. There are a number ways, depending on how you are placed:

You could work from home or rent a store. If you choose to work from home, you could set aside your garage or another convenient room for your pet food business and begin home deliveries, supplying branded or natural, wholesome homemade pet food. You can start out on a part time basis, and build up to full time.

If you are already running a pet-sitting business, great! As you would be in contact with your pet-sitting or dog-walking customers, you could easily include pet food business with no extra effort, and pass on special discounts to them in the initial stages, setting up a platform of trust. One ground you should adhere to is to believe in the products you sell! Otherwise it would become a Herculean task to build up your pet-food sales niche.

If you are already running a pet related business such as pet accessories, pet photography, etc., it would require little extra investment to extend your business into selling foods for pets you love; once you become comfortable selling these, you can expand to sell pet-foods for all kinds of animals, birds and fishes.

Finally, if you are a veterinarian, or other pet health professional, you can add a line of nutritious pet food to your professional duties. But be sure to market the very best quality pet food because customers are very touchy about veterinary doctors or vet professionals who cash in on their qualifications! So, by starting a pet food business, you would be putting your professional image on the line.

Network marketing for a pet food company marketing is a popular way of joining pet food business. Here, you sell their products for a fixed commission. You can then enroll pet-food salespersons. When they start selling the pet food, you receive a percentage of the commission they earn, in addition to your own sales earnings. When your recruits enroll salespersons, a part of their earnings too are added to your sales commission. Network marketing rewards you progressively as recruiting down-line goes on expanding.

In conclusion, pet food business is a great and growing business of catering to the creatures you love. But you should always look to market pet food of top quality and demonstrate a strong faith in the products you sell.

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