Top Music Production Companies in USA

In this article, we are going to have a deep look at some of the top music production companies in the country of USA.

Bennet Alliance

Bennet Alliance is a terrific music production company that has a remarkable contribution in the field of music for the past 8 years. They are very well serving Massachusetts and New York. Their continuous and uninterrupted efforts are the main support for their impregnable carrier. Whenever they run their mouth, they make exceptional albums appreciable all over the world such as "The Kode", "JK and the Servomatics" and a few others. They have been awarded to perform in live theaters as well. People really relish their music stuff due to the fact that they do have dazzling musicians and artists with them. While counting their best singers, we see many big names such as "Bill Frisell", "Joy Electric", "Billy Martin" and "David Fiuczynski". The music industry is altogether satisfied with the contribution of Bennet Alliance music Production Company.


One of the stupendous music production companies operating in Texas, USA since 2006 is none other than Gutterth. This company has really proven its worth in promoting musical live art in United States of America. The credibility of this music company can be justified by the fact that it is being nominated many times for Dallas Observer music awards. Hundreds of novice companies try their best to get involve in this esteem award but fortune doesn't favor them all. Only few exceptional companies are honored by the judges and Gutterth is being one of them. The origin of this company is from Denton, Texas. This company, not only launched its records but they also hosted plenty of shows in order to promote the music industry. With the launch of Gutterth records in 2006, the Gutterth had pragmatically ignited their music production carrier. The first ignition came with the Daniel Folmers album "Wear Headphones". After that more fragrances of albums came till the latest one came with the tag of "Bikini Salute" in 2010. They also launched the which allowed the music lovers to listen to the music releases for free. They've used the ultimate online internet technology to drive their esteem repute.

Calling the previous era as the Gutterth era would even not justify their extreme contribution to the music industry. The latest proof in this scenario is their recommendation for the four Dallas observer music awards. All of the categories belong to the music industry. There are plenty of top music bands who have entered into the music world under the shadow of Gutterth label and achieved their landmarks successfully. The names of some of the terrific music artists who performed under Gutterth label are "Daniel Folmer", "Sean Kirkpatrick", "Parata", "Ryan Thomas Becker" and plenty of others. A great compilation of music records is currently available on their website and the music lovers can instantly download the desired music with a few mouse clicks.

RedZone Entertainment

RedZone Entertainment is a wonderful USA based music production company that established in 1995 and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The domain of their music production is universal. Their key services cover three main aspects. The first one is the music production, the second is the music composition and the last one is the artist management. They have created a long list of music productions by working together with many artists, producers and composers. The astonishing statistics regarding the progress growth of this company shows that they have already crossed the landmark of selling more than 25 million records in a record time. This is the only company that has produced such marvelous stars such as "Rihanna", "Britney Spears", "Celine Dion", "Justine Bieber" and a few other great stars. The chief forefathers of this peerless company were two personalities. The first one was the music producer named as "Christopher Sticky Stewart" and the other one was artist manager known as "Mark e Stewart". So both brothers took the company to its peak. This famous company have nurtured plenty of future music stars and has played enormous contribution to help them fly their prolong carriers with RedZone Entertainment company. It has always been difficult for the audiences to epitomize their carrier in few pages. To bring off this hot potato job, one needs to write even a full-fledged book.

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