Top Music Production Companies in Australia

In this article, we are going to have a close look at some of the top music companies in Australia and get the knack of them one by one.

PLW Entertainment

Originated in 1997, PLW Entertainment became the only music production company in Australia which was producing immensely high quality music for the music lovers. That was indeed the peak time of them. They have put together extremely high class music tracks for the last 14 years. We have witnessed some big names connected with them such as Backstreet Boys, Human Nature, Shannon Noll, Marcia Hines and plenty of other names in the list. Not only excelling in the field of music production, they also took a perfect writhe in the other fields as well like the Artist Development and management and the product sales venues. PLW doesn't lose a single chance to dig out the new talent and promote it accordingly. What to talk of their success as they have crossed more than 15000000 sales in the period of 14 years. The success rate of their music charts is quite high as compared to other music companies operating in Australia. You can also snatch their latest releases and hottest news about their music charts on their home website.

Stately Manor Productions

When we take a close look on the Stately Manor Productions Company, we find them totally dedicated to the music production services and to properly groom the talented artists in Australia. Their revered services are very appreciated among new and professional artists. Whether you are looking for a perfect song or you want to taste the latest musical slurps of mixing and mastering technology, you can refer to Stately Manor Productions as they are the only one that could take your creativity to the new heights. Residing less than half an hour from the heart of Australia i.e. Sydney, they are ready to drive your music recordings to the new heights. Stately Manor Productions have contributed a lot in the nourishment of Australian new music talent. They do believe that talent is already there in Australia but it is essentially required to polish that talent and thats what they do. They have all the modern facilities and equipments essentially required for a splendid music production. They are also number one in hosting such events to promote the music genre like the pop, hip hop and the urban style music in Australia. The music production services provided by their team is unavoidable as its a complete devotion to Sydney music crafting and development.

Albert Productions

Albert Productions is a music production company whose pioneer was Ted Albert in the year 1964. The location of Albert Productions is in Sydney, Australia. This is an esteem music production company which has devoted its capabilities for the production and promotion of unique rock and roll music in Australia. The period of mid 1970's was the most shinning period for them as it was unbearable to handle the overwhelming response by the public of their own made record label. That gleaming label took them on the top of the charts. The connection of this company with the world best hard rock band AC/DC has indeed crafted their label as the best international label all over the globe. They were not only attached with the rock and roll music. The world has witnessed that the great and ever best Australian R&B music artist and the Paulini are also connected with this company. This versatile behavior has also attracted many novice and professional singers to touch them regardless of the type of music they are fond of. Likewise, they are still very popular in the public as they were few decades ago. Their featured records are the evergreen music records all across the globe and the company is effectively breaching the sky of success in the music world. You can also get them on their website to experience the power of their music productions yourself. Whenever someone dives in the encyclopedia of Australian music, he would definitely not be able to bypass the very best Albert Productions.

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