Top Film Production Companies in UK

This article would demonstrate some of the top film production companies in UK (United Kingdom).

The Pinewood Studios Group

The Pinewood Studios Group is a pre-eminent name in the list of UK topmost studios. The main locus of this studio is in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire. This is one of the primo film studios in UK whose foundation was laid in the year 1934 by the founder "Charles Boot". For many decades the Pinewood Studios Group operated independently until 2001 when it got united with the "Shepperton Studios". The chief list of the productions made by this studio is very huge but some of the biggest blockbuster movies were like "Talk of the devil 1939",? The man with the golden gun 1974", "Superman 1978", " The fifth element 1997", "Kick-Ass" and many more great movies in the list. Their productions are very much appreciated all over the world. The studio facilities are well suited to international world-class filmmakers. After integration of Pinewood Studios Group with the Shepperton studios, their joint venture gave them a huge space of 34 stages, 5 digital television studios, a huge outdoor water tank and plenty of other esteem services pertinent for making a blockbuster movie.

Elstree Film Studios

The Elstree film studio is the classic studio based in the heart of London. This studio is considered as the top class studio in UK as it has produced many gems in the UK film industry. The major fragrances in terms of movie productions are the "Star wars", "Indiana jones", ?Labyrinth" and the "superman". The movies have been acknowledged very well all over the world. They, not only made foremost film productions but the Elstree film studio has also made a great contribution in making matchless television productions. One of the ever best television program "Who wants to be a millionaire" and the "Big brother" are the spectacular television productions of the Elstree film studios. The complete list of films and television productions made by Elstree film studio is almost endless.

Ealing Studios

The unique thing about the Ealing Studios UK is this that this is not only the oldest studio in United Kingdom but it is classified as the oldest film studio in the world as well. It is one of those studios which have made the earliest British movies. One of the peculiar gems that this studio made is just after the Second World War. The "Kind hearts and coronets" was a superb classic movie made by Ealing studios after the World War 2 in the year 1949. The other earliest British movies include the names of "The Lavender Hill Mob in 1951" and "The ladykillers in 1955". The complete list of the movies made in this studio is beyond the scope of a single page. The world class filmmakers and film producers are always extremely solicitous to work under the shadow of this superlative studio.

Twickenham Film Studios

The twickenham film studios, situated in St Margarets, London is acting as a polestar for the novice and professional filmmakers all across the globe. Note down that this is the earliest film studio that was built in the year 1913. This was an enormous and very well-built film studio at that time. The thrilling effects of their stages combined with their honored history are astonishing for almost 100 years. Better equipped with the new and advanced technology, this film studio has proven its worth by making stunning and electrifying movies for the general public. The very nice factor about this studio is this that it adopts the new technology as soon as it comes in the market. This studio has been the center of attention for world-class directors and producers who have produced gorgeous and impressive movies using this esteem studio services. The magnificent movies produced by this splendid studio include the old ones like "Scrooge 1935", " The Italian job 1969", "Repulsion 1965" and the recent movies like the "Interview with the vampire", "The others" and "Sweet Revenge". All of the movies are really unforgettable. The comprehensive list is very huge a single page wouldn't be able to satisfy the appetite of so many films. The twickenham film studio has set a standard and has made a competitive environment for the other film production studios operating in United Kingdom.

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