Top Film Production Companies in Australia

In this article, we are going to explore the topnotch film production companies in the country of Australia.

Fox Studios Australia

One of the foremost film production companies in Australia is famously known as Fox Studios Australia. They are the chief company located in Sydney and has produced multifarious smash hits movies appreciated and recognized all over the world. While focusing on the key films produced by them, we witness many superlative movies like "The Matrix", "Mission Impossible 2", "Star wars 2, 3" and "Superman Returns". These were really outstanding movies which are still igniting the public in the theaters all across the globe. Grading the quality films and television production studios in Australia, Fox Studios is rated as one of the topnotch studios. Great film makers are attracted towards the environment and facilities provided here and that is the main reason that they have created a benchmark in producing high quality and top box office films using their splendid production facilities and services.

They had commenced their operations since 13 years ago in 1998 and since then they have engrossed the topmost film makers and film producers who want to make excellent and high standard films. The Fox Studios Australia has strong linkups with the community of more than 60 esteem businesses. They provide all of the special film production services right from the scratch as casting, travelling, rental equipment services and bounteous other film production related services. The top filmmakers and producers can reckon on this studio as it has even more than what they require. Their reviews and feedbacks are really encouraging and the top class filmmakers extremely dote on their professional services.

Village Roadshow Studios

The village Roadshow Studios is the prime film production studio that you can spot in Oxenford, Queensland Australia. Operating for the past 20 years, this film production studio has created historical landmarks regarding high quality films. Don't get carried away by the fact that the locus of village Roadshow studios is also touching the Warner Bros movie world theme park. In spite of the fact that they work together in film making business, still they are not to be taken as a single production company. The two companies are involved in cooperation regarding film productions and they share their experiences, services and production facilities. An average Joe can't take the liberty to breach their private premises.

The Village Roadshows production company can only allow someone to go on-set. The prime movies that have indeed ignited the box office charts are like "The house of wax", "The chronicles of Narnia", "The voyage of dawn treader" and the "Scooby-Doo". These were the productions that had really jolted the box office charts and these are rated as the peerless movies produced by this company. Filming is an art and the high quality and topnotch films made by this company really showed the tactical skills of their empiricism. This film production company has set the pragmatic standards for all those filmmakers and film producers who want to make outclass movies.

Working Dog Productions

Apart from the other competitive film production companies operating in Australia, the Working Dog Productions is considered as one of the prime companies which has build its innocuous reputation in this field in a very short span of time. Their main headquarter lies in Melbourne, Australia. From here they launched themselves under the shadow of their past name of "Frontline television production pty ltd" company in 1993 but just after 3 years they changed their name to "Working dog productions". With the help of new and advanced latest technology, collaborated with pre-eminent expertise, the working dog productions have produced many unbeatable movies. The prime productions include the big movie names like "The campaign" in 1996, "The Castle" in 1997, "The Dish" in 2000 and a few more big blockbusters still popular in theaters. These are the matchless movies produced by this company. They have really brought the movie industry to a new era by setting the top class standards. The "working dog productions" is a colossal film production company operating in Australia that has also shown its remarkable capability in producing television productions. We can witness a few big television productions list on the net. They do believe in quality working and that is the only reason for their great success in the past two decades.

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