Getting Started With Pet Care And Boarding Business

If you want to combine your love of pets with a Pet Care Business, this passage is meant for you. The pet care industry is booming in cities and metros, and right now is the best time to set up: Pet Day Care, Dog Hostel, Canine Walking service, Grooming, Dog Biscuits and many more services! Whether it's a boxer or retriever, Labrador or Chihuahua, budgerigar or parakeet, Siamese cat or Manx, Americans spend thousands each year on pet day-care, pet boarding, pet walking, pet-sitting, breeding, grooming, retail accessories, and a host of other pet-related businesses.


Opening up a pet sitting business is becoming more popular year after year, and many entrepreneurs are even turning them into full time careers. Many families have special pets with afflictions or diets to administer. When these pet owners have to be away from their homes, they don?t wish to put their pets in unfamiliar environments like boarding services, or cause inconvenience to friends? homes. Their only alternative is to hire a pet-sitting service to visit their home and take care of their beloved pet while they're away. There are also office-goers who need some one to attend to their pets for a short while everyday, while they are at office.

At a recent online pet-sitting forum, a pet-sitter with two years experience states he could do14 calls a day. He has a part-time assistant and she helps with the overflow of orders. His business as of this moment, promises to pay what he was making at his previous office job that he had hated. He is glad to have quit the job and moved into pet sitting. He now only sees his business getting bigger and better and he loves it. Another pet-sitter relates that she walks from one pet-sitting appointment to another. In some pet-sitting engagements, she even walks two or three dogs together, earning $ 3 to $ 5 in the combined pet-sitting. She also finds business in busy areas where office-goers sometimes bring in pets. A third sitter admits that her pet-sitting is profitable. She earns more doing pet-sitting than she did as a veterinary technician, a job she loved doing, but left due to office politics. Today, she feels that the only ones that may be negative towards her are of the four-footed furry variety, which she certainly doesn't mind. She proudly states that she loves what she does and really feels pleased whenever she wins over a shy animal, or when she is able to educate an owner about pet health care.

Having read the real life experiences of pet-sitters you must be raring to start your own pet-sitting business! If you want to be a pet-sitter, you can do pet-sitting either at customer?s homes, or at your own home space turned into a pet ?Day-Care? center. You can advertise your pet-sitting services through pet-related businesses such as veterinary clinics, pet retail shops, dog trainers, dog walkers and pet-grooming services, developing your fee structure for short as well as long-term pet-sitting.

Dog Day Care

Day-care facilities for dogs are becoming increasingly popular. Dog day cares are different from kennels, which are boarding houses. Day care centers generally look after pets during daylight hours only (8 to 6). There are many office-goers who wouldn?t like their beloved pets to be alone at home. They prefer to leave their dogs in the company of other dogs at day care, while they are at work. Like human beings, dogs too are social animals and should not be deprived of contact with people or other dogs; only then, they become well-behaved and cheerful. If your garage space permits, you could set up a Dog Day Care Center at home. A better option would be to rent a warehouse, fence it sturdily all round, and covert it into a dog day care center adding features like a pool, couches and playthings to ensure a homely ambience for the pets left in your care. Ordinary day care centers charge anything from $15 to $25 per day per pet.

Dog Walking Service

A dog walking service is well suited to people that have ample time, either in the morning or evening. This is a business needing practically zero investment beyond buying multi-dog-walking collars and a specialized dog leash that allows you to walk three or more dogs at a time without getting entangled. By walking several dogs simultaneously, you can increase revenue manifold. To attract clients for this service, a simple flier (advertisement leaflet) listing your qualifications and services, is sufficient. Distribute these fliers to businesses frequented by dog owners such as groomers, pet boarding houses (kennels), pet stores, and vets. Once word spreads about your dog walking service, it ought not to take long before you are catering to 15 to 30 regular customers.

Pet boarding business

Another profitable pet business is pet boarding. This business is strictly for intense and dedicated animal lovers! You would have to provide day and night boarding for dogs, cats, or other pets while their owners are traveling for work or on vacation. By starting a pet boarding business, you will meet and care for many pets, which would lead to your feeling needed and appreciated by many pets and owners alike. This would be a great business that combines generous income, job satisfaction, and a sense of direction in life for you.

There are myriads of pet-related businesses that include selling pet accessories like dog collars and leashes, pet photography, pet magazines, pet directory listing service, pet cemetery, pet waste removal service, pet web design, pet spa, dog breeding, etc.

Pet care business is financially very rewarding, but when you decide to enter pet care business, you should never forget that you could be called upon to also care for rats, snakes, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and even lizards! But then, don?t panic! Remind yourself that these pets are ?family? to their owners!

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