Leading Computer Training Providers in USA

The Article sheds light on some of the leading computer training providers in USA.

Netcom Learning


NetCom Learning has been servicing since 1998. The company provides computer training and IT Services to its clients around the globe. The company provides training courses in a number of ways including live online training, public training, boot camps and private onsite. The company has qualified, experienced and certified instructors. NetCom provides expertise in technical and professional computer areas such as Microsoft courses that include Android courses, Cisco, Comp TIA A+, Security+, CTT+, Network+, Dynamics courses, PMI PMP Courses, Soft skills courses, VMware courses, AutoDesk and AutoCAD and a lot more. In addition Database Administer Training, AutoCAD Drafter, Help desk technician training and network engineering training are also part of training programs at NetCom. Their IT courses consist of a number of technical applications such as CCNA Certification, A+, Network+ certification, MS SharePoint, SQL Server 2008, Windows 7, PMP, MS Net, CISSP,CCNP and MS Exchange Certification, moreover Adobe graphic and web designer and website development professional are all part of their training programs along with myriads of other courses. Clients can get a customized or tailored program according to their requirements.

Cheltenhan Courseware


Cheltenham is an IT and computer training provider, the company provides services to its clientele both states wide and around the globe. Cheltenham offers cost-effective computer training courses. The company?s clientele is spread around US, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and Canada. Their clientele consists of people from every walk of life including, government and health clients, clients from schools, colleges and universities and clients from Corporate and business sector. Some of their viable clients include Volvo, IBM, UNISON, NASA, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and Royal Air Force. Courses that the company offers include Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010 consisting Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook. The mentors will walk you through from their basic foundation to expertise. The training courses ensure the provision of stark understanding of the computer technicalities. Foundation, intermediate, advance and expert levels are taught systematically. Cheltenham?s Windows Courseware consists of PC Basics, Windows XP basis, Windows Vista basics, Windows 7 basics, Operating Systems and Internet Explorer 8. Their training courses provide you with intranet and LAN ready facility. The company offers customizable computer training courses. Their courseware provides learners with Exercise files, training manuals, keyboard shortcuts, slides and course outlines.

The Training Registry


The Training Registry assists in improving your computer skills to elevate your performance and productivity in your work place. The training courses help build your computer skills in areas regarding Computer hardware, Basic Computer, Computer performance that include performance tuning and maintenance, disaster recovery and security, Computer mainframe tools and software, Presentation tools that include Framemaker, PageMaker, PowerPoint, Adobe, Acrobat, Claris works and Author ware, Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP, Oracle, ERP and PeopleSoft), Graphics, Financial or Account Software, Groupware Software, Operating System and Office Software, Proprietary Software, Word processing software, Spreadsheet software tools, Statistical Application Software and Project Management Software. Other computer training programs include PC fundamentals, Basic computers, storage and memory management, A+ Certification, Microsoft Office, Multimedia, Macromedia freehand, Illustrator, Lotus cc, PC/Printer Repair, VSAM, TSO/ISPF, Adobe Photoshop, SAP, PeopleSoft, Corel Draw, Visio, Framemaker, Quark Xpress, UNIX Programming and Windows Programming, MVS, DOS, MQ Series, CA Software Products and myriads of other courses that help develop very vast understanding of computer applications and technicalities. Clients on request can be provided with training seminars, workshops, online training courses or other training facilities.

Nexus Worldwide


Nexus is a Computer Training and IT Consulting Company. Since 1993 it has been providing computer training that provides computer courses to its clients world wide. Their mentors are experienced and qualified. The company?s clientele includes US Navy and Delta Air Lines. The company helps clients from a variety of career path to develop strong computer skills that lead to improved performance. The company has divided the course programs in to Microsoft, Cisco, ISC 2 and Comp TIA. Microsoft includes Exchange 2003 Bootcamp, Desktop Support Technician Bootcamp, MCDBA SQL 2005 Bootcamp, MCSA Windows 2003 Bootcamp and MCSE/MCSA 2003 Upgrade Bootcamp. Comp TIA consists of Comp TIA A+ and Network+ Bootcamp and Comp TIA Security+ 2008 Bootcamp. Cisco Systems consists of CCNA Bootcamp. ISC2 consists of CEH/CISSP Combo.

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