Top Providers of Electronics Repair Services in UK


In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the top providers of the electronics repair services in the United Kingdom.

Industrial Electronic Repair Services

This business that is based in the heart of the UK is very much dedicated in being one of the very best in the repair services to be catered for the customers who want to get the best out of their electronics items. They have a range of services that make them deal with any and every kind of electronic repair services. This includes a range of products from power supplies to the drive and touch screen as well as the PCB repairs. They make use of the latest as well as the most sophisticated form of the software that is used for the testing purposes. This business is based in the workshops that are present in the County of Letchworth in the UK and their workshops are based in a number of centers all over the United Kingdom. They make the provision of a fast as well as the reliable form of the cost effective services in the field of repairing as compared to the original equipment manufacturer. They have the specialization with which they can be confident about the repairing services to cater almost every form of electronic equipment that needs to be taken care of. They have their team equipped with a set of highly qualified engineers.

Speake Electronic Repair Services

This is a business that has the working specialization in the domain related to the repair services for the equipment that is governed with electronics. They make the availability of the highest form of quality of the work that compels them to be amongst the one of the very best in their business. Apart from the repairing services, this is a business that caters the requirements of the customers where there is a need for rework, remanufacturing and various other specialties. They are very much closely associated with the industry pertaining to the television as well as satellites. They have been in the markets of the UK being operative and going strong since the year 1990. They are specialized in many areas of the electronics repairs which includes the surface mount repairs as well as the fitting and reflowing of the surface mount of the components that go into the making of the electronic circuitry. They stand behind the provision of the quality of their various repairing services by backing up their work in the form of guarantee provision to the customers. Most of the repair work that is undertaken by this company is of such nature that they provide the turnaround of just 24 hours, that is, they return the customers their electronics items on the same day of the diagnosis of the faults.

Greasely Repair Services UK

This business is into the specialization of the services that are very much involved in the electronic repair technology that is governed in the ultrasonic repairs, PCB repairs, panel repairs of the sewing machines, etc. They cater the requirements of a number of industries that include the aerospace industry to the zoology industry. They have a vast range of experience in the field of circuitry repair and the diagnosis tools that are made to put use by them are of very technology oriented nature. They have been established under the business name of Greasely Electronics Ltd. They have a no nonsense approach when it comes to the business of repairing services that caters the various industrial requirements. Their dedication of the business of the electronics repair industry has made them be able to attract a number of customers that range from the small home owners to the industrial customers of the business oriented world.


This business in the UK for the electronic repair industry is into the domains which compel them into the service provisioning to the industrial as well as the domestic sectors. They have a history of repairing the electronic items that are found in industrial, commercial, defense based, as well as the medical electronics. They have been established in the marketplaces of the UK after the sufficient experience in this field was acquired by the founders of this business. They have a specialization in the repair services to be provided to the customers who have requirements in the shoe repairing machinery. They have the capability of causing the re-engineering to be done for the boards that have not been able to display much of reliability in terms of the performance. They have come up with the requirements so that the customers can expected to meet their short as well as the long term requirements to be fulfilled very much satisfactorily.

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