How to Import Digital Cameras from Foreign Countries?


There are many countries in this world that are a fast emerging economy. These countries rely on their income from the export of the electronics items like the cameras. The businesses are ready to sell the products manufactured in their marketplace at a raw price which can be very much cheaper as compared to the other mobile phone brands. There are many businesses in India which are therefore looking forward to the import of the electronics products like the cameras. It may appear to be a very daunting task if the import business of yours in cameras is a relatively new task. This can be tackled by making imports at the small quantities at the start of your business. The most important business that you need to contact is that of the supplier. It is the supplier who is going to provide you the camera models and hence it is very much necessary to establish good contact with him. It is very much essential that you find a reliable business of that of the supplier. Then you shall in a gradual process manage to import in large quantities the cameras from the foreign countries. In this article, we are going to have a look at the procedure to import the electronics items like digital cameras from foreign countries.

Locate the suppliers

This is the first step perhaps you need to take towards the import business of the cameras. You need to research the market that is present in the countries that you are going to import the mobile phones from. Make use of the information that is present in the several directories so that you are able to pin point to a single supplier and target to get the imports from the same supplier. You can also get the relevant information from the online resources. You need to get the first hand information about the policies of the business of the various electronics goods suppliers. The policies state the sourcing conditions and also the availability of the suppliers? exports to the country in which you want to get the imports of the cameras done. You can also attend the consumer electronics trade shows so that the business information is achieved easily.

Contact the suppliers

You need to pick, choose and also shortlist the various suppliers so that ultimately you are able to strike the business deals from a single supplier. The best way in order to make the first contact is through the business email. You need to include the nature of your business when you are following the proper procedures. You need to enquire about the various products that are supplied by them and also study the various models that are available with them. You need to take the most important note that a particular supplier whose camera models don?t have the electronic bar codes along with the registration numbers must be rejected in first place. These kinds of items are rejected by the customs when you try to import them.

Rules and Regulations

Every country has certain rules and regulations that govern the import businesses from the other countries. You need to make sure that you properly follow the rules and regulations so that you do not have problem in the future. Make sure that you closely study and implement them. You can either contact the local customs authorities for the same or also can manage to get the information through the online database. You can contact your country?s international trade database for the same. You can also ask for the supplier information with these.

Placing the order

After all the things above are done, you can place the order. You can contact the local supplier for the payment terms and how they should be implemented. You also need to get the license letter from the brand that is providing you the permission in order to import and resell the cameras from your country. You need to check out the shipping terms and conditions and ask the supplier how much the payment is to be made pre and post-delivery. Choose a suitable agreed payment mode.


Your business needs to be capable in order to decide by which means of transport you are going to import your goods and supplies. You can either choose the mode of air transport or you can go for ocean shipping. You can start your search of the shipping companies and go for the estimated shipping cost as well as time.

Customs formalities

Once you are done with the placing of the order, you need to complete the customs formalities. You also need to fill out the various forms at the customs department. You need to provide the license copy of the product you got from the manufacturer to resell the electronics products.

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