Brands Which Are Prominent in Retail Market For Digital Cameras


In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the popular brands in the retail market for the electronics products in digital cameras.


This is the brand of digital cameras that is into the business of electronics items operative from the base location of Japan. The headquarters of this company are located in the city of Midtown West in Minato in capital of Tokyo. This is the largest company in the world when it comes to the business of electronics items which are related to the imaging devices like photographic and digital imaging. This business has more than 223 subsidiaries that are carrying out the research as well as submitting the reports in the developmental areas to make the camera experience imaging to the users more and more enhancing and enriching. They have manufacturing facilities that are spread out in continents like Europe, Asia, North America, etc. They also have their business domain in electronics like media storage consumables. They have their business associations through which they are able to sell the electronics products that they manufacture to more than 200 countries that are located internationally.


This business of the digital photography and imaging devices are there in the specialized domains of the manufacturing involved in the electronic products like the digital cameras, computer printers, camcorders, steppers as well as photocopiers. This business has its headquarters in the city of Ota in Tokyo, Japan. This company is not only specialized and most trusted businesses in the buying of digital cameras, but also pioneers in the industry which has revolutionized the technology through which the cameras depict higher and better quality. There are more than two hundred thousand employees that are present in this company. They have their net income being more than 3 billion US dollars in the year 2010 as statistics reveal. They had announced in the year 2010 that they have the milestone of acquiring a new .canon generic domain which is in the top level tier.


This Japanese company is a multinational economy that is operative in the business sectors that are related to the market demands in the field of consumer electronics. They are best known to make and sell the electronic products like the calculators, audio equipment, digital cameras as well as the other electronic equipment. This company came into the business establishment of manufacturing in the electronics products in the year 1957. This company had its business operations since the year 1946 till the year 1957 in the areas that were not related to the sector of electronics. This company of the digital cameras is very well known in order to make the products that are durable as well as long lasting.

Sony Cyber shot

Sony Cyber shot is a line of the electronic products in the digital cameras that are made by the Japan based company Sony Corporation. This is the most widely used brand of the cameras that is very much prominent in the retail markets all over the world. This brand of the digital cameras is introduced in the markets after equipping them with a high quality of the Carl Zeiss lenses. They are very much compact in nature and also the overall design is very much appealing. There are some of the high end models that are released by this business in the retail markets that have a compactly supported type of flash. All the Sony Cyber shot brand of cameras has a prefix of DSC in the names of their electronic products. This is an acronym for the set of words ?Digital Still Camera?.


Victor Hasselblad AB is the manufacturer of the digital cameras that is Sweden based. The ranges of cameras that are released by this business are medium formatted. This business company is very well known since the World War II to manufacture the most expensive range of digital cameras. They have a long history in the manufacturing areas of their cameras because their brand of cameras were used when there was a mission to the moon, a first successful one that is based upon taking photographs through their brand of cameras. They are the market leaders since they have been associated with the Fuji Corporation. The real turning point of the company was in the year 1957 when they started producing their own brand of cameras in the retail markets.

Leica Camera AG

This is the brand of the digital cameras that is operative from the optic industry related to Germany. They are in charge of the production of digital cameras, accessories, microscopes and also the geosurvey equipment. The owner of this brand is operative in the business name of Leica Microsystems AG. It is in charge of granting license to the Leica camera AG.

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