Top Television Repair Service Providers in Australia


In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the top companies in the country of Australia which are in the electronics business of the repair services in the television sets.

Impulse Audio Visual

This is the business in Australia which deals with the repairs services for the television sets. This company is based in the city of Melbourne in Australia. They have more than 32 years of the rich and varied experience in mostly all the brands of the TV repairs. They cater to a repair service requirements of a variety of technologies. They have the potential and are into the repairing of the CRT televisions, Plasma, LCD, LED TVs etc. They are also in the domain of the repair services for the home appliances like microwaves and other audio visual systems. They receive any technology related updates straight from the end of the manufacturers. They assure their customers that they are the most authorized, genuine and professional repair services for the TVs in Melbourne. They have an aim of their company in being the best in the repair service industry for the television. They let all of their technicians get trained directly at the location of the factories of the manufacturers. They are very convemniently located near a major shopping center based in Melbourne, Australia. They also provide a full service in terms of the warranty that is availed from the end of the manufacturers.

TV Repairs Melbourne

This is the business that is based in the city of Melbourne in Australia that caters a wide variety of the requirements in the repairing services of the televisions. They have a sense of pride in the quality of the repair services that they make an offering of in the city of Melbourne. They can repair a leading brand of television sets as well as the other entertainment products some of them being, home theatre systems, Plasma TVs, LCD TVs, etc. They have their operations carried out in the suburbs of the Melbourne, Geelong and also the Mornington Peninsula. They also cater the requirements of the customers in the repairing services of the antenna as well as the services are such that they ensure that the quality of the picture that is received at the end of the customers is an optimum one. They have more than 44 outlets and their business is booming owing to a lot of TV service and repairs that are coming from the areas of Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. They make an offering of a very less amount of the turnaround time along with the guarantee of their repair services.

All Hooked UP

This is the electronics repair company that was started in the mid of the year 2010 by Mark Lilley. This company?s founder has more than over 10 years in the making of the experience through which the TV repair services are available to the customers. The company has derived their goal and expertise from a company called as the Maxwell Electronics where Mark did his apprenticeship. They are located in the suburb of Sutherland of Sydney in Australia. They offer electronics services such that the call charges are based upon the flat services as opposed to the different service charges biased towards the different areas as seen from the charge sheet of their competitors. They bring in most of their work of the television and other electronics repair services in house and also have a well equipped workshop for the repairs through which they ensure that they charge their customers to a minimum extent.

South Side Electronics

This business of the electronics repairs specially the televisions is in charge of the operations in the areas of Sydney in Australia. They offer the pick up as well as the delivery of the television sets when they take it and deliver for the repairs. They offer their in home services when it comes to the smallest of the requirements in the Plasma, LCD, and LED etc. TV sets. They also make an offering of the home services in case the warranty of the television sets has been null and void due to some of the known factors. They cover their repair services through confidence in the form of the warranty, and also the extended warranty. They also offer very competitive rates in the market for the same. Apart from the electronic products in just the television sets, they also make the repairs possible for the other home entertainment products that are categorized into the audiovisual categories. They have some of the most experienced technicians to service their wide customer base in Sydney and the surrounding areas. The procedure to avail their services is quite an easy one with the convenience of just a phone call.

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