Top Retailers Of LCD And Plasma TV in United States


In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands that exist in the USA for the LCD and Plasma TV.

Tiger Direct

This electronics business in the nation of USA was found because the company had a vision in order to make available the end users of the USA with the best in the electronics products that are available in the consumer market. They are one of the top most retailers in the USA when it comes to the computers and electronic products. They have made their business standings in being the top 25 in the ratings that are depicted by the New York Times. They have based their philosophy on one of the simplest facts in order to treat the customers of theirs as if they are very much a part of their own electronics family. Customer care has always been on the fore front of their extreme priority. They have a deep understanding as to how to overcome the hurdle that can link the customer needs as compared to the products in the Plasma and the LCD TVs that are available in the market. They have tasted the sweet success in terms of the innovation as well as the excellence in customer service. They can provide the customers of theirs in the USA with product choices in electronics that exceed a number of 50000. They provide the support behind their electronics products through the award winning technical support staff.

New Egg

New Egg Inc. is one of the businesses in the USA which is the leading front of the electronics products sales and support. They have a business goal for their company in order to become to the most loved as well as the trusted company in order to make an offering of the customer shopping experience which is the ultimate. They are focused in the areas of rapid delivery, and also the stellar in terms of the product service. They have a possession of over 84000 products in their company from which the customers in the USA can choose from. They have been enjoying a sense of loyalty from the customers who are more or less tech savvy and also novice shoppers. They offer the lightning fast delivery through which the customers ultimately are able to get the required peace of mind. They have more than 1 million square feet of the warehouse space collectively all over the USA. They provide the true services after the products have been delivered to the customer doorsteps.

Ravas Appliances

This company operates under the business name of District Electricals. This is a business that is founded on making the provision for the customers with a very rare combination of the great value for money and also the post-delivery support in terms of the outstanding customer service. They have their specialization of electronics products in their business in terms of the highest in quality of the graded consumer products. This makes them possible in their approach in order to make the provision of the latest in the LCD and Plasma TV technology which are hard to find as well as make available at some of the greatest deals that the customers find very appealing. They have a unique lowest price guarantee where the customers just have to make them let know in case their products are really the cheapest and if the lower price products are available in the markets. The founder of the company who acquired the company in the year 2009, the company has been there in the business and doing great because of the twenty years of the retail experience that is available with him throughout his career.

The High Definition Store

This electronics business in the USA is a division of the Intech Inc. They have been operative in the business of the electronics related products in the LCD and the Plasma TVs since the year 1993. They have been in charge of making the provision of the unmatched shopping experience. They are the company which any customer in the nation of USA should look forward to in case he is in search of the latest in the electronics products. They are direct dealers in the retail domain of the USA and have been authorized by the various factories that make the Plasma and the LCD TVs. They have some great factory relationships which have enhanced their quality of service and product availability. They back up their products sales with the warranties and also the support for their products. They have their clients not only in the form of the customers in the USA, but also the business clients who want to avail the electronics products at their corporate offices.

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