Top Retailers Of LCD And Plasma TV in Australia


In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the top retailers that exist in Australia for the LCD and plasma TV.

JB Hi Fi

This retail business in the markets of Australia is one of the most trusted ones and customers from all over Australia avail the products in electronic that are available at their stores. This company was established as a business in Australia in the early 1974 by Mr. John Barbuto (JB) and hence the name that has derived this company from. The business was set up in the electronics for the markets in East Keilor in the state of Victoria. The simple philosophy that has been the roots of the electronics business is that the customers in Australia must be able to avail the electronics products at some of the cheapest prices that are available. By the year 1999, there were 9 new stores that were established as a part of this business. There was a leap in the business of this electronics retail giant in October 2003 when this store was listed in the Australian stock exchange. JB Hi Fi has everything to be sold in the electronics goods right from the offering of some of the best brands along with a huge range of the electronics products that are made available to the Australian markets at a very affordable range. The locations of the stores are very much convenient. They employ the genuine specialist staffs who have a keen interest towards sales with a deep sense and passion towards customer service because of which the Australian customers enjoy the personal services at their stores.

Zhen Electronics

This retail company in the mainland of Australia has headquarters in the suburb of Parramatta in the New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. This business is unique compared to other business, the reason for that being the import is made of the LCD and Plasma TVs direct from the electronic hubs of the world that are located in South Korea and China factories. Hence, they have a different business model because of this this electronics business is successful in pulling closer the distance that exists between the end users and the manufacturers mainly because of the geographical barriers. There is no middle man in the hierarchy of the logistics that is involved in the supply chain of the electronics products. Because of this, the customers are able to benefit the most in terms of the value for money. This business also gives their customer flexible option in terms of the different payment options via Western Union money transfer, PayPal, TT wire transfer and much more. They have a quality assurance (QA) team that ensures the product defect and complaint logging is kept to a minimum in their business standards up to 0.10 per cent or even lesser than that.

1st Audio Visual

This company that operates in the retail sectors of Australia since the year 2000 enjoys the reputation of positive feedback that comes straight from one million customers. They are one of the lowest priced retailers of the brand new electronics products that are made available in Australia. They are a part of their subsidiaries in the UK and proud to be the multi-million dollar industries. They have expanded in the country of Australia in their electronics products business on a very rapid scale. They source from the cheapest suppliers from all over the world and ensure that their own profit margins are very low. They have kept their operations in order to depict simplicity as well as the reliability. They have a goal in their business of electronics in order to ensure that their company is dedicated and ethical to lead the path for the customers in order to avail some of the best in savings with respect to the buying of the electronics products. They back up their products in electronics with the Australian warranties. They have made it a point in order to keep check on their prices offered as compared to their competitors and have been consistent in offering unbeatable prices.

TV market Australia

This company that is based in the retail markets of Australia is 100 per cent Australian owned company. This company was based on their founder philosophy that the customers must be able to retain their interests in saving of the time as well as the money when it comes to the buying of the electronic products in Australia. They make available some of the widest in variety of the brands that are available in Australia for LCD and Plasma TV. They make the sale of the high end television that contains LCD and Plasma TVs based upon the latest technology. They strive in order to maintain the latest in information about the products.

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