How To Become A Distributor To Start Television Business


A distributor of the television is a very important link in the supply chain than makes its way for the possibility of the effective delivery from the manufacturing unit of the television straight to the customers via the effective sales. It is also an easy as well as a good way to make a living through the distribution business of the television. There is a very fast and rapid growth that is encountered in terms of the research and development of the television that are being launched by the manufacturers employing different technologies and that too the latest ones. Statistics reveal that the distributors of the television systems encounter growth at the rate of 20 to 25 per cent in each financial year. In this article, we are going to have a look at the things that you need to do in order to start up a business in the distribution of the television sets.

Contacts with the manufacturers

The manufacturers of the television are always eager in order to encounter more and more in terms of a market share to be effectively established in a given region. You need to have contacts with the manufacturers of the TVs who are willing to engage a distributor like you in his services to distribute their television sets in the supply chain management. You can choose either to contact them via the phone or set up a meeting with them in order to strike a business deal so that you can finally start off with your business of distribution of television systems. They expect the distributors like you in order to be link and that too a very effective ones in terms of the business from their workshop to the retail markets, a wide one which you should be willing to cater to. You can find more details about a particular manufacturer of the TVs and also the selected models that need to be distributed by you according to the demands and supply by visiting the manufacturer?s website. Finally you need to file an application in order to become a dealer, and that too an authorized ones. You can find the application form for the same on the website of the TV manufacturer. Based upon your credentials and credit history and past work and business experience, they shall reply to you regarding being an authorized dealer.

Merchant account

Being part of the business and the supply chain of the delivery system right from the manufacturers end to the homes of the television viewers, you need to be availing yourself an account that is specially dedicated for the merchant of any kind in business. The merchant account is important which enables you to make a very quick and 24 hour transactions which is a special service in banking that is availed to the merchants only.

Web Development

Once you establish yourself as an authorized dealer of the TV by establishing a business venture with a manufacture, you have the prime concern of being able to push the goods that you have collected from the manufacturer to the retail markets and that too wide ones. You need to apply a bit of marketing strategy of being able to contact and make sales to the retail chains and outlets in your area. It is a good idea to establish a firm business and working relationship with a retailing business group rather than approaching several smaller retail firms and markets. For the same purpose, you need to present the products in the television systems that you have in a very presentable and an appealing manner. Establishing a business website for the same purpose is a very good business idea. The investment that you put in towards the web development in order to make a good website that can be maintained on a frequent basis to upload the latest pictures of the products that you have will make every penny worth it for you. You need to create a website that can be accessed on a quick basis and that too with the least of the efforts for the retailing sector to check through the entire inventory. Make your website dynamic.

Handling the sales

Promotion of the products that you have under possession can be a great way to make your business to grow. You need to target your bottom line by deploying several effective marketing strategies. You can choose in order to post the ads on the various websites that operate with minimal charges for online marketing of your products range, newspaper classifieds, and also some of the products in television sets must be set out online for the auctioning purposes so that the customers are aware about the latest models that are launched in the market. Make sure you create a general awareness amongst the retail markets through a good set of promotional and advertising tools.

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