Top Sports Television Channels From all Over the World


In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the top sports channels from all over the world.


This is the leading channel that is established for the purpose of sports entertainment broadcasting all over the world. The full name of this channel is Entertainment Sports Programming Network. This channel has its roots in the nation of USA. This is a part of the ESPN Inc. which is the establishment of the business group Walt Disney. The signature broadcasting of ESPN is called as the Sports Center. The broadcasting that is done by this channel is from the city of Bristol in Connecticut. This sports television channel correctly claims itself as the worldwide leader in the sports entertainment sector.

Star Sports

This is a cable sports channel that is hosted and co-owned by the Star group and the ESPN network. The airing of this sports channel is present mainly in the Asia Pacific countries like the regions of India, Hong Kong, Pakistan, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. This is an equal joint venture of the News Corporation group as well as the Walt Disney Company. The sister sports a channel that has been established by this sports channel group all over the world is Star Cricket, ESPN Asia etc. This sports channel is the official broadcaster of the Barclays Premier League in the countries of Asia.

Al Jazeera Sports

This is a popular sports channel that is broadcasted in the Arabic language. This channel was launched in the year 2003. This sports channel forms a major business opportunity for the already existing and famous channel called as the Al Jazeera network. This particular sports channel has been the official broadcaster for all the major football leagues matches that have been telecasted in the Arabic speaking nations of the Middle East. This sports channel is based in the city of Doha in the country of Qatar. This sports channel has also shown its presence in the North African nations apart from Middle East.

Sky Sports

This sports channel is the official and branded name that is given to the group of the channels that have orientation towards the broadcasting of the sports entertainment business in the UK and the surrounding areas all over Europe. This is the UK?s main satellite pay TV channel. This channel was simply called as the Sports channel formerly. This channel is solely responsible for getting some popularity as well as the revenue for the British sports which mainly includes the English Premier League as well as the Ashes and other cricket tournaments that are played in Great Britain. The basic Sky Sports package comes with the add-on for the subscription of the other channels that are broadly termed a Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Barca TV

This popular sports entertainment channel operates mainly in the Spanish speaking countries. This sports channel is operated from its headquarters in Catalonia in Spain. This channel is also available in the Catalan, Spanish as well as the international language English. This is a channel that is mainly responsible for causing popularity to the Spanish football team of football club Barcelona. The slogan on this the sport channel operates is called as ?Barca lives in Barca TV?.

Setanta sports

This is a sports entertainment channel that is operative in the country of Australia. This channel is accessed and is widely available to all the business establishments and also the homes that are present in all the areas of mainland of Australia. This is a part of the Setanta sports group that comprises of the television channels that have their presence in the Canada, Africa and Ireland. This channel is officially the broadcaster of the major rugby leagues and the cricket, football, kickboxing etc. that is played in Australia.

Fox Sports

The Fox Sports Regional Networks is a collection of the sports channels that are broadcasted via the cable technology in the countries of North America. These are the channels that are purely owned by the News Corporation. There is also a stake in this sports channel by the Fox Entertainment Company due to which it has derived its name from. This sports channel is telecasted mainly in American English. This is the National channel for the distribution of the sports related activities all over the country of USA. This channel has its headquarters present in the Los Angeles, California.


This is a television channel that is based on the specialty TV in USA. This sports channel, a popular one is dedicated in order to establish business in the showcasing of only basketball. This sports channel derives its support from the National Basketball Association.

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