Top News Television Channels From all Over the World


In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the top news television channels that exist from all over the world.

BBC News

BBC news is a subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Center or simply called as BBC. They are in the responsibility of gathering the current affairs on the news of the UK as well as from all over the world and make a broadcast of it to the different regions of the world. This news channel is one of the largest news channels that exist in this world for the telecasting of the news regarding the latest in the current affairs. They are in charge of the generation and the display of the 120 hours in the making of the radio as well as the television output on each weekday. They have their correspondents that are present in 240 countries of the world. The department is in charge of the gain of an annual budget that amounts to US $ 350 million in a financial year. Nearly two thousand staff strength from amongst a total count of 3500 are into journalism at various levels and domains.

Sky News

This is a news channel that has its origin in the United Kingdom. This is a 24 hour service that is based upon the broadcasting that is done via the satellite TV systems. They have laid their domain emphasis on the news pertaining to the UK as well as the international news services. They are based in the city of London in England. They have been spread across the UK through the medium of their seven news centers that are present along with their correspondents. They keep on revamping their graphics each year. There is also a live stream of this particular news channel that is available on the internet on the Open Online TV Project.

ABC News Now

This is a 24 hour news based channel that is operative in the North American region, mainly being USA. They use the medium of the digital television in order to cater the demands of the people in the news sector in the various regions of the globe. They are into the business of the showcase of a wide range of the international entertainment as well as the programs which depict lifestyle based shows. This news channel is solely owned by the corporation of the Walt Disney Company. They have wide spread in their broadcasting ranges that are present in all over the nation of the USA as well as most of the countries that are present in the continent of Europe.


Consumer News and Business Channel, abbreviated and popularly known as CNBC is one of the most popular television based news channels that is operative all over the markets of the world in the areas of news and entertainment. This news channel is a part of the National Broadcasting Center (NBC) in North America. It operates and reaches the homes of its subscribers through the technology in the satellite as well as the cable television. The key areas of expertise that are showcased by this news channels are in the areas of live coverage of the financial markets of the world. They have been popular amongst 390 million viewers that are present in all over the world. The headquarters of this news channel is present in the New Jersey in USA.

FOX News Channel

Fox News channel (FNC), is the news channel that is present in most parts of Europe, USA, and UK as a part of the Fox Entertainment Group. They cater the demands of a subscriber base of more than roughly 102 million people who have shown interests in the news that is broadcasted by this news channel in the USA. This news channel gained popularity amongst its viewers in the late 1990s and 2000s. They have been operative under the slogan of ?Move Forward? and ?Fair and Balanced?. The broadcasting political critics and primarily done in the language of communication being in English.

NDTV India

This news channel is operative in the Asian countries, the origin of this news channel being in the subcontinent of India. This channel is currently owned by the New Delhi Television Ltd. There many of the most reputable and talented journalists that have made their career way in this news channel. It is operative in Hindi language, most of the people who subscribe to this news channel being in India and the neighboring countries.

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera is an Arabic language based news channel that is based in the city of Doha in Qatar. Although, this news channel has been operative in English as well as a part of its business goal to cater a wider range of viewership in North Africa, Middle East etc. It is owned by Qatar Media Corporation.

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