Different Television Channels in India


In this article, we are going to have a look at the different television channels that exist in the country of India that are pertaining to the English language, Hindi language, news channels, regional networks as well as the international channels that are broadcasted in India.

Colors TV


This is a Hindi language entertainment channel that is based in Mumbai which showcases the movie in Bollywood, television serials in Hindi etc. It is a part of the Viacom 18 family. Some of the most popular television serials in Hindi are broadcasted on this most popular television channel in India.

DD National


The history of this channel DD1 dates back to a long stretch of history since the year 1959 when there was transformation of All India Radio to this channel on TV. This is a public sector television broadcaster in India. In the year 1980s, this television channel gained huge popularity on a nationwide scale in Indian masses. This caused the increased commercialization as well as the increased revenue in the form of the advertisements showcased on this channel.

Sony Entertainment Channel


This channel is owned by the Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd. and by far is the most watched and successful Hindi channel for entertainment amongst the Indian people. This entertainment channel company has many sub channels by the name of SAB TV, SET India Max, AXN, Animax, SET PIX, etc. This channel was launched in the month of October in 1995.

Star Plus


This is a general entertainment TV channel in Hindi. They mainly cater the entertainment of the Indian masses in the form of the family dramas as well as the telefilms. This was amongst the very first of the Indian entertainment channels that was launched since the decentralization of the Indian economy. This channel, formerly known as Star TV is broadcasted not only in India, but also the various countries on the regions of South East Asia as well as Australia and New Zealand.

Zee TV


This is an Indian satellite based television channel that is owned as well as operated by the Zee Network. This caters the language requirements in Hindi as well as has many of the sub channels which are operated in the various regional languages in the different states of India. The channel is part of the Essel Group. The HD channel format of the Zee TV was launched in the year 2010.

MTV India


This is an Indian version of the Music TV and hence it is a channel specializing in the various aspects of music that is concerned with Indian trends as well as the international ones. This channel is a joint venture of the Viacom Inc. and the Network TV 18 on a 50/50 profit sharing ratio. This is supposed to be one of the oldest music channels that exist in Asia. This channel has viewership not only in India, but in the various parts of the Indian subcontinent like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Aaj Tak


This is a 24 hour Hindi news channel that is run by the TV Today Network Limited in India. This channel enjoys the viewership of approximately 45 million people in India. This is one of the largest news channels that are privately owned. This was free to air news channel till the year 2006 in India. When it comes to the broadcasting in the USA, it is a pay channel that is available on the EchoStar?s DISH network.

NDTV India


This is the premier news channel that is broadcasted in the Hindi language in India. This TV channel is owned by the New Delhi Television Ltd. and also the IBC Corporation. There are many of the noted personalities in the area of the Indian journalism that are associated with this news channel in India. This news channel was established by noted Indian journalist Prannoy Roy and his wife Radhika Roy. This news channel is broadcasted in India as well as abroad.



It is a Hindi based news channel that is run by the television group called as the Network 18 based in Mumbai. This news channel was formerly acquired from Jagran TV. In the year 2006, this news channel was rebranded to its current name as IBN 7. This team of news channel has a set of well equipped and successful media journalists and television reporters. This channel was formerly known as Channel 7.

TEN Sports


This is a shorted form of the Taj Entertainment Network and is widely broadcasted in Asia. The main forms of sports that are catered by this sports channel in India are cricket, football and wrestling. This channel was launched in the year 2002. This news channel has subscription from 55 million homes in Indian subcontinent, Middle East and also continents of Europe and Asia.

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