Top Retailers Of Pet Carriers In USA

In USA there are 2 types of popular pet carriers a) Front Openers b) Top Openers. The front openers are made of toughed plastic with metal door whereas top openers have doors on the roof with hinges. All such carriers come with a handle on top. The styles and types also vary as per the needs of the customers.

They specialize in mobility solutions for dog traveling. They are into purse, wheeled, strollers and bicycle type carriers. You can also find variety of carrier accessories in their pets related business. They may be contacted on on toll free number 1.800.367.3647


This chain has been one of oldest and pioneer retailers in US. They are just not into grocery they keep good brands of pet carriers also. As we all know that we get good bargains and deals from Wal-Mart. They have a range of brands & prices to suit every pocket. Customer service is telephone call away. They have plenty of payment options. One can either pick up the pet carriers from their chain of store all across the nation or order online. Customer service contact number: 1-800-Walmart .

Americas? pet store

They have been there in the business since long. They provide variety of carriers to the people of US but they specialize in airline approved pet carriers. The requirements of the airlines keep changing depending on the type of aircraft. But this store claims that it stocks all types of carrier that fulfills the requirements of almost all the domestic airlines of US. They have 45-day return policy for their customers. Return and exchange is also entertained if the customer is not satisfied with the product. They offer promotions also time to time to their customers on the discontinued models of the products at throw away prices.

Pet Smart

Pet smart is the largest store in America selling with more then 1000 stores selling pet related things. Pet carriers are one of them and pet smart offers various brands of the same at very competitive prices. One can shop online with variety of pictures of their products and prices. One may also visit their store directly where an appropriate pet related product may be found. One can visit the site for more details on the product. The products are shipped anywhere in the country including Canada on very nominal price.

The find

With over half a million stores the find offers the maximum variety of brands of pet carriers under one roof. This includes online merchants also. The find has tied up with major stores and brands and offers its shoppers the most amazing experience. Amazon, Walmart, Pet smart, Pet store CSN stores are few big names they sell the pet carriers from. They offer lots of styles like canvas carrier, shoulder type, container carrier, soft carrier etc. The mission of the find is help shopper find the exact thing they want to buy. The Find is accessible through internet, mobile and iphone applications.


?Dollar days? is a premier closeout business which helps small entrepreneurs to compete against larger businesses. The company sells its goods by the case, prices and truckload. This strategy brings down the price substantially and customer is the one who is benefited. They have helped many people in opening stores at various locations, because they know what sells and at what price. They have stacked variety of pet carriers at very competitive prices. They have chain of stores at multiple locations and entertain online shopping as well. The Dollardays store does well in all type of economies. In spite of down turn in America it is said that there still a scope of 15000 more stores.

CSN store

The 200 plus network of CSN stores is one of the most sought after store in US. They sell various brands of pet carriers like Snoozer, IRIS, Pet Gear and so on. They offer shoppers various types of the carriers as per their requirements for example: Back pack, shoulder type pet carrier, cycle pet carrier in various sizes and colors. CSN store ships their products both in America and Canada at very nominal charges. During promotions the goods are shipped free also. Customer services works on week ends as well to provide better service to its shoppers.

Hands & Paws

Hands and paws started their Business after 911?s tragedy. They wanted to help people like retirees; home mothers who suffered due to economy in 2001. Handsandpaws provide buyers one of the latest and unique collections of pet carriers. They make designer attires and carriers for the pet. They also claim that they can make unusual carriers depending on the need of the customer. Such orders generally take 2 to four weeks as it requires specific designing and crafting. One can order, track the status of their order online. Customer service is open seven days a week.

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