Top Retailers Of Dog And Cat Collars In United States, USA


In this article, we will discuss about few top retails in dog and cat collars and about their business.

Pet Street Mall

It is a famous retailer of dog and cat collars. They supply different stylish and eye catchy collars for your cute dogs and furry cats. Their Shock Collars are the main attraction. They come in different sizes and in adjustable mode to suit the type of dog on which you will be using the shock. Be it dogs or puppies they have the different sizes.


A retailer with a large collection that would suit all types of dogs and cats. Their dog collars are neatly segmented into small, medium and large dogs making it easy for the customer to find and choose the suitable one with ease. They deal with LUPINE brands that are of high quality and are safe even if chewed guarantee. They come in various sizes, designs and patterns. You have a wide range of colors to choose from. Check out at for more information.

Dog collar stuff

Dog collar stuff is one of the leading online shopping places in America to buy collars for your pets. They specialize in pet collars, but also provide other online services like supplements and food for pets, information about training your pets, breeders and breeds of pets and many more information related to pets. The collars are classified according to various themes to make it easy for customers to choose what type of collar they want to buy for their pet. Some of the various themes that features in their website are Bestsellers which features some of the best selling collars, beach themes which features various collars whose designs are based on various beaches, flag themes that features collars on various national flags, holiday and seasonal collars which features collars to suite the seasons and famous holiday places, stripes theme which has collars which have stripes of various colors and many other themes. This theme based online shopping enables customers to easily locate the type of collar that want for their pet. Another innovative idea for better business is the online gift certificate. Dog collar stuff offers gift certificate which can be sent to any email id to which the user wants to gift it. The gift certificate starts from $10. The gift certificates will be automatically mailed to the specified email id.

Hot Dog Collars

Hot dog collars provide most of the leading brand collars for your pets and much more products like toys for your pets, tags and charms for your pets, sport gears for your pets and much more product line items for your pets. They also manufacture pet collars under the brand name of Hot Dog Collars, which are made in USA. They offer collars of almost all leading brands like Douglas-Paquette, Hot-Dog-Collars, Lupine and yellow Dog. They offer free shipping within USA for all their products which are purchased. They also assure shipping within 24 hours for 95% of their products. They provide over 5000 varieties of collars for your pets in different sizes, shapes and colors. They offer online shopping for collars under different categories like shop by theme, shop by type, shop by color, shop by brand and other groups to facilitate easy shopping for their customers. Their products are all carefully chosen to suite the requirements of customers and comfort of the pets. They only sell quality products.

Sandia pet products

Retailers like Sandia pet products providing highly designed collars and other products for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and ferrets. Pet lovers are attracted with the unique design of the products from Sandia pet products. The cat and dog collars designed here are very soft to the pets and would never cause harm to the pets. The collars are also sold at the Pets in the house a retailer, expert in designing the collars for dogs and cats. They provide importance on quality of the hardware used and workmanship to ensure customer satisfaction and to sell quality products. They have various patterns of collars and other products to choose from and they include bold colors and striking patterns. They also provide wholesale business for their product along with retail store.

Dog collars boutique

Dog collars boutique is the place to find designer collars and other products for your pets. They offer all the leading designer brands under one website. They have more than 25 designer brands which offer collars for all occasions and all needs for your pets. They also provide other products like pet carriers, leashes or lead and various other pet products. They offer shipping to more than 10 different countries other than USA. All their products and business strategy aims at providing best suited products to their customers and attain customer satisfaction.

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