Top Retailers Of Dog And Cat Collars In United Kingdom, UK


Pets are most desired by children and the old people. Pets perform the function of a companion as well as a playmate. This is the reason why the number of domestic pets as well as pet products is on the rise in the international market.

This article has a concise list of dog and cat retailers in UK:


Seapets is a pet store that caters a wide range of pets and pet accessories. They are one of the leading online stores in UK and they have all types of collars for your dog or cat. You can choose from the nylon or leather, chain, rope etc. They also have the easy way to find your pet in the night using their reflective collars. And to keep your dog safe in bad weather and night conditions they have a complete range of Night Safety Dog Collars that have flash lights or flash tags installed in them. For your furry pet you have the kitten and cat collars that are soft, help them be flea free and with safety features to give them the utmost comfort. Log on to and see more such exciting and varieties of dog and cat collars for your pet.

Pet Planet

Part of the M8 Group it was founded in 1999 and is a leading online pet store in the entire UK. They deal with all types of pet and accessories and they are also known for their dog and cat collars of which they have a variety of them. This includes your anti-bark collars, flea collar, reflective collar, Spray & Ultrasonic Collar, and designer collars etc. They are normally made of leather or nylon. These come in different design, style, shape and color and one can choose as per their own choice. And they have an amazing collection of soft and sparkling cat collars. Some even come with safety buckles and other safety features. Browse through at to know more.

Ultimate Animals

They offer the best service for pet accessories specializing in cat and dog collars. Shopping with them is safe as their offers are conducted through a secure lane and they are known for their prompt delivery.

Only for paws

Most companies desire to make their company name a new brand. They like to be trendsetters. This site is a UK based company located in Hertfordshire, which specializes in goods for dogs and cats. Their main offering is dog and cat collars.


Offer collars for pups are also available online. The collars for pups would require that there is utmost safety and it is free from issues like strangling and becoming knotty. They specializes for goods for pups. They have wide variety of fancy collars that make the pups looks smart and stylish with minimum effort.

Bliss at a finger tips is when one does business with . They have a wide collection of toys and collars. They come with a brand name and challenge that all varieties of collars are available with them. These retailers also have come up with various activities like supporting the wild life organizations and rescue centres.


These are the most fashionable pet stores available online. The name comes with a creativity and style that out do all others in the market. The boutique for kittens is an exclusive shop for the cats. They have designer collars available in different colors and shapes. These are marketed across the country. The sister concern for the kitty boutique specialize in collars for the dogs. Together they generate great revenue in the pet accessories business. The name suggests the difference in the shops. They are both stylish and catchy. is a best place for dog collars when it comes to trendy collars.

Some other key players in the business


There are also other retailers in the market that specialize in specific categories that keep their business moving. Custom made collars were a craze among people some time back. This site specializes in custom made collars for dogs.

Electronic training dog collars can also be bought from . These cater to the specific needs of the customers.

o Attending to the needs of both the genders are the leading company called It does not matter whether your dog is a ?he? or a ?she?. If it?s a collar that you want, then this is the best place to be.

It?s just a matter of where to look that land us in the right place for dog and cat collars. There are several retailers available. Now we know that looking after pets is serious business!

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