Top Retailers Of Dog And Cat Collars In Australia


Dogs and cats are the most favored pets and the people love to decorate them in various ways. One such way is using stylish and trendy collars that serve the purpose of tracking and identifying the pet when it is lost.

There are a lot of retailers spread throughout Australia who have online presence making it easy for their customers. Let us see some of these top retailers:

Love My Pet

One of the top online pet store who provide a wide range of pet accessories, Love My Pet has their online presence at The collars that they provide come under various categories like

  • Tick Collars that prevents the dogs from being attacked by dangerous ticks.
  • There is the Citronella Collars that helps train the dogs in a proper behavioral pattern. When the dog errs, a type of spray follows and the dog immediately rectifies itself.
  • Yet another type of collar available here is the Barking Dog Collar. If the Dog barks continuously, a reactive stimulus is produced from the box attached to the collar thereby checking it from barking.
  • The also deal with training Collars. Today?s Collars come with adjustable intensity as well as time. This helps to control the dog of unruly behavior, help them give timely response to their orders etc. All these without any side effect is the major plus point. Their cats section contains the velvety collars that suits well the velvety furs of the cats. They come in different bright colors to choose from like Pink, Green, Red, Black and Yellow and with matching bells and an elastic. Now you can make your already lovely cat look more gorgeous and cute.

Personalized Pet

They are one of the leading retailers of Pet Collars in Australia and have physical stores all around Australia. Their specialty is that you can make customized collars for your loving pets. You can choose the existing design or give them your idea and they will develop personalized collars for your pet. You can choose your own color and material combination. With this, now you can engrave your pet?s name and your contact number on the collar. This can be done by embroidery. Not only will your dog/cat look lovely in the collar of your choice but also you do not have to worry anymore about loosing the tag on the collar. With these you can make your pet stand out among all those of your neighbors? pets. Log on to and see for yourself to believe it.

Pet Wares Plus

Located in Moorabbin, Melbourne, Australia, Pet Wares Plus is one of the biggest pet supplies store. They have a wide range of all types of pet accessories and these can be viewed at When it comes to Collars they have different varieties of these for the dogs and the cats.

  • For the dogs they have the collars made of different materials like the Leather, Nylon, Polymer crystals etc.
  • Anti Bark collars that sends out mild shock or a spray when the dog is not behaving properly or not listening to the orders of its master. They are adjustable in all ways - shock, spray, neck size, sound or vibration etc.
  • The Metro Retro Category comes with vibrant colors in gigantic geometric designs. Made of nylon they are more comfortable for the tender neck of the dogs.
  • The Cooling Collars ? These are specially made to keep your dogs neck portion dry and avoid dripping of sweat. Made of non-toxic polymer crystals they are too cool and irresistible.

They know that puppies are more tender and gentle and thus specific collar section is set for them. These come in small size with light weight and soft material like nylon. They come in different styles with decorations made of beads, crystals etc. To locate your loving puppy even in the darkness of the night you can use the collars with reflective threads that would reflect light and indicate your puppy?s presence.

And for your furry cute cats, you have a wide range of these special collars made of nylon. There are the reflective, glow spikes and adjustable collars that come in attractive colors. And matching to your magnetic and Infra red cat doors, you can find the key in the form of these collars.

Top Dogs

Located at Brisbane, Australia they are one of the leading online pet accessories store. They deal with two types of dog collars namely the Leather and the Webbing Collars. These are well adorned with ornaments and give a stunning look to your dog. They are also comfortable enough to make your dog feel at ease even with a collar on. Their hot product is the Martingale Dog Collars that come in a wide variety. They are most apt when it comes to training your dog. Check out their entire range of products at

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