Top Providers Of Dog Training in Australia


Dogs are loyal, loving and playful in nature. Having a dog around you in your house is always a great experience. Dogs can be your best friend and they can bring fun in your life. Imagine how it would be if your puppy is disobedient and misbehaves. Then you might have to constantly hear complaints about your pet from your neighbors. This is one of the main reasons why dog training business is becoming popular in Australia and many other countries. This article will feature about some of the most leading Dog training companies in Australia.

Bark Busters ? Dog trainers in Australia

Bark Busters are leading dog trainers in Australia. Bark Busters has been a pioneer in changing the behavior of dogs, to make them obedient and to train them for different activities. The company had created great trust in providing world class dog training in Australia. The dog lovers, who want to mould their dogs? behavior, would find this place a gifted one. The company has been in this business for 20 years and has trained more than 500,000 dogs over 20 years. Dogs trained by these professionals are believed to be perfect. Training by professionals like Bark Busters does not mean that you are playing no role in your dog training. Bark Busters will just make things easy for you. Some dogs are fearful in nature; the first thing they need to be trained is on their fearful nature.

Bark Busters will look into aspects like these, based on the nature of your dog and nurture them accordingly. There are almost all breeds of dogs that are being trained in Bark Busters. They provide multiple services like In home training, where the trainer from Bark Busters will come to your place and train your dogs or puppies. They also organize Puppy School training in some areas across Australia, where you and 5 to 10 more puppy owners along with their puppy will attend the training and your puppy will socialize with other puppies. Other services are group training courses for your dogs or puppies where a group of dogs and puppies will be trained together for some common activities; they also provide workplace dog safety lectures where people who have to work with dogs; barking solutions which helps to reduce your dog barking.

Guard Dog Training Centre, Sydney

Guard Dog Training Centre, which is located in Sydney, is one of the leading companies in the business of training guard dogs. They also have centers in France, Germany, Belgium and other places. Fred and Luana Osmani are the founders of this organization. They have been in this field of business for about 30 years and have trained countless guard dogs over this period. They extend their service to professionals like fire men, police people and many other professionals. They also provide trained dogs when ever and where ever required, like government mission, authorities etc. Apart from training guard dogs, they provide various other services like selling dogs, dog boarding, dog grooming, DVD and video for you to personally training of your dog, dog accessories, providing tips about training and various other services are provided. Guard dog trainers not only train your dog for guarding, they train any dog for any required reason.

They provide customized training services to all their customers to cater to all their needs. They also offer off leash and on leash training for your dogs, be it any breed. They specialize in obedience, agility, protection, attack and man stopper trainings for your dogs. They also provide various breeds of dogs and puppies for sale. They also provide foster home service for your dogs when your away from home and require temporary accommodation for your dogs. They provide 5star accommodation for your dogs. They also provide grooming sessions for your dogs to maintain them clean and healthy. They also provide DVD and videos for sale which will show you how to train your dogs by yourself with the expert?s guidance.

Sydney dog training academy

Sydney dog training academy has been in the business of dog training for over 30 years. They are one of the leading academies which train your dogs for all needs. They provide both guard dog training and obedience training for your dogs. They have specialized trainers who take at most care in training your dogs. They make their trainings tailor made to suite your dog and your need. In obedience training, they teach your dog to understand and obey certain basic commands like sit, stand, walk and other basic commands. They provide three levels of guard dog training, which includes, training against temperament, alert of strangers or intrusions and yard work. Level two guard dog training includes, bite and attack work. Level three guard dog training includes police training, family protection work, man stopping, body guard work. They also provide customizes services like coming to your place and training your dogs, agility training and much more.

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