Top Providers Of Dog Training In United States, USA

Here in this article we will discuss about the top providers of dog training in United States Of America

Like Human beings even dogs need some kind of training in order to co exist with humans in the society. Generally, there are 12 major problems that dog owners face. Keeping that in mind the training is also divided into 12 segments.

Guide Dogs Of America

This organization breeds variety of dogs and trains them to be the companions of the blinds. This business was started keeping no profits in mind. A nominal donation of $400 is charged for the adoption. This is situated in California state and the dog instructors are certified by the by the state authorities. The main commands which trainers work with dogs are down, sit, come stand, heel and stay. Here the dogs are trained for 4 to 6 months that include all the basics. After which they get to spend 4 to 6 weeks with the blind companion they are going to serve.


The animal behavior college is a place where one can learn to a professional dog trainer. Here they are taught how to build proper relationships between canine and man. This Institution believes in positive approach that turn dog pet lovers into dog trainers. One can do this 40 week programme while sitting at home also. ABC believes that everyone dreams of being their own boss and wants to run a business. By learning professional dog training from ABC one can fulfill his dreams. The dog training curriculum includes basics, behavioral approach, safety and tool box. They also taught to train dogs on various platforms like physical and psychological parts.

Animal America

This company is into pets business from 25 years and is providing best care for dogs and cats. They are present in the beautiful cities of Colleyville, Bedford, keller, Hurst and many others. They offer variety of services dog day care, cat grooming, dog training and pet relocation. Group classes offered in the open training area usually in the spring or early summer. The various dog trainings are designed for different age like for puppies the training is called Kindergarten. It is designed for the puppies Upto 20 weeks old. The other two are called beginner and intermediate. The beginners? course is available for dogs above 5 months. In this course emphasis is made on on-leash obedience. The intermediate course stresses on the off-leash reliability. There are options wherein you can choose board and train or just train if you live nearby. The six to eight week courses are priced between 125-175 dollars without boarding.

Sit means sit

They are into dog training and dog behavior classes and work with all breeds of dogs. The mission of sit means sit is to provide quality training which makes a dog obedient, happy and confident. And owner satisfied, confident and happy. The cost of the training here may vary depending upon the location and breed of the dog. Each of the training programmes is tailored as per the specific needs and situation. The behavioral modification of one?s dog entirely depends on the age of the dog, previous training, and the goal of the owner of the pet. In their business they have both the options available that is train the trainer; so that they can handle and train their own dog. They also conduct refreshers for the previously trained dogs. Because they believe that it can?t be there for the life time. Their dog training systems are attention based in which variety of tools are used. If you are able to gain dog?s attention even in distracting situations you will be able to train the dog successfully. Sit means sit is available in more than 30 popular cities of US and Ontario of Canada.

Kindred spirits

Liz and her business partners Petra and Kate has been training dogs through Kindred spirits since 25 years. Liz?s philosophy of training is based on understanding a dog and what makes them tick?. They train about 700 dogs per year. Besides basic and intermediate obedience training programs for Dogs they are into one to one private dog training and Dog behavior consultation. Once a dog completes the basic and intermediate training programs they offer fun training for the owner families with their pets. They are divided into 3 categories 1. Agility drop in play time 2.Trick training 3. Therapy dog classes. Kindred spirits refrain from holding such classes on rainy days and major holidays. During private training sessions they evaluate your dog, introduce obedience commands, shows you how implement, and address some behavioral issues. They also assist in following up with the recommendations.


Zauberberg is in dog training business for almost 20 years. Their training is based on laws of learning. They believe that only proper enforcement can not lead to performance. One has to understand how a dog functions and communicates only then the reinforcement works. The two training levels that are basic and advanced are of 10 days and 21 days respectively. The basic training costs a dog owner $700 and he pays $800 for the advance one. Zauberberg also offer online dog training also in which you access online videos for 12 months. One gets? access to dog trainer for advice. People also get access to the videos of how police personnel train their dogs. Membership to dog training forum and you get learn about various breeds and their behavior also through many informative materials.

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