Top Pet Supplies Brands In USA


In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the top pet supplies brands in the United States of America.

Fox & Hounds

?Fox & Hounds? is a very modern and stylish brand of pet supplies form Sherpa Pet Group. It features a unique collection of harness, leads and collars. Fox & Hounds has different collections such as ?Gracie Collection? with flower patterns in dazzling colours, Swarovski collection with real clear Swarovski crystals on the collars in different colours, Coachdog collection with leather collars with matching leads, Ribbon Collection with multi coloured designs, Pave collection with shiny rhinestones on leather collar, Rolled leather collection in different colours, Spiked leather collection, Side-leather leather collection and Dog mountain art collection with distinctive style of its own. Fox & Hounds Ltd. Of Alexandria, VA has been in business for the last 11 years supplying best quality pet products in USA through different retailers. The founder of Fox & Hounds, Robin Kershner continues to be involved very much in bringing new designs and styles. The association of Fox & Hounds with Sherpa Pet Group in 2007 have made it grow even more and have helped it to retain its top spot in the industry among the other top brands.

Pet Stop

Pet Stop was started in Chicago by Bob Slattery and Bob Wolfe and has grown to be one of the top Pet supply brands in USA. They have started the business getting inspired from their own pet dog and have been in this industry being a top contender since 8 years. Pet Stop is committed in providing the best quality products, carefully designed by the best in the industry. Pet Stop has a variety of pet products such as UltraElite Receiver, UltraMax Receiver and Pet Stop transmitters for indoor and outdoor usage. All the Pet Stop Systems are made with great display systems and are also made it compatible with systems of other brands so that if you already own a transmitter of any other brand, you would still be able to use it with Pet Stop receivers. The state-of-the art systems from Pet Stop are the result of highly skilled engineers using most modern and innovative technology.

Penn Plax

Penn Plax has been in the pet supplies business, making various pet products for the last 50 years and has always stood high for innovation, high Quality and Integrity. Penn Plax has a line-up of modern and stylish pet products over 4000 in numbers that guarantees high quality. State-of-the-art aquariums and its accessories, reptile habitats and bird cages are only some of its top quality products. The company is based in USA with headquarters in New York, but has supplies in Europe and other countries as well. Penn Plax has products that are more interesting for the kids with different nickelodeon characters such as SpongeBob 3D Aquarium and Dora the Explorer accessories.


SportDog brand was created in 2003 by a team of highly focused minds with a motivation for innovation. It has become one of the most recognized names in the pet supplies industry with best quality products in the dog training category. FieldTrainer is the perfect training system with most advanced technology developed by SportDog. The HondHunter is an ideal and tough remote trainer for highly challenging dogs. The beeper locater makes it very easy to find your dog even at the toughest spots with beeps every second. It also provides an amazing 60 to 100 hours of battery time. The dog fence of the SportDog brand keeps your pet restricted in an area of up to 100 acres and also gives other amazing features such as lightning protection, waterproof and dual operation modes of beep and vibrate modes.


O?Donnell Industries started Snoozer brand of pet supplies in South Carolina back in 1985 and it continues to be in the top spot in the pet supplies industry for the last 25 years. It is a family owned business manufacturing the finest pet carriers, pet sofas, pet beds and other accessories for the pets. O?Donnell Industries continue to manufacture and operate from its headquarters in South Carolina, serving its huge mass of consumers all across the country. The people at Snoozer understands that you consider pets as part your family and are looking for the best safely products for them as possible and this is why they make all their products best in quality. Snoozer pet car seats are the best in the market offering ultimate comfort and safety for your pets. The wide variety of pet beds from Snoozer not only manages heat and moisture very well but also has high odour retention quality. There are different types of Pet Totes and carriers available in different styles and colours that suits anyone?s fashion senses.

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