Top Pet Supplies Brands In UK


In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the top pet supplies brands in UK.


Purina is committed to make the pets live better and happier. Purina had been in the business of making pet products and delivering services to the pets for the past 80 years. Their dedication for pets reflects on every aspect of the company. Purina has UK?s best loved pet food brands in the country achieved by using the most modern technology in assuring quality of the product without compromising on taste and nutritional aspects. Every Purina product is prepared with a perfect balance of taste and nutrition to give your pet the best food it deserve to live a better life. There are specific Purina veterinary diets for pets with specific health conditions such as diabetes, food allergies, pancreatitis, etc. These foods are specially prepared, clinically with most advanced scientific methods. Both dry and wet diet foods are available for your pets. Similarly Purina PRO Plan is a highly nutritious food with meat as the main ingredient for your dogs, developed by the highly skilled professionals at Purina.


Staywell is the leading brand of pet doors in UK and is part of PetSafe pet products business family. The pet doors from Staywell are very convenient and equally safe for pets allowing the pets to move around in and out of home. There are simple pet doors with basic capability of allowing the pets to move in and out or even advanced pet doors with locking facility using infrared and magnetic technology. It also has cat flaps, tunnel extensions, pet doors for screen and glass. Staywell pet doors give the freedom for the pets and convenience for the owners that they both deserve. They are designed to be absolutely safe for your pets.


Hill?s Pet Nutrition is committed in helping the pets reach their full potential through good quality health care and nutrition. The mission started in 1939 by Dr. Mark Morris by developing first superior quality pet food than anything else in the market from his own home. He went on to develop first ever commercially available pet food called ?Hill?s Prescription Diet?. Science Plan Snacks for pets are another high quality nutritious food like supplements for pets from Hill?s. The food products of Hill?s assure the pets with healthy mobility, oral hygiene, better skin and good immunity.


?Scruffs? was established in UK and has become one of the top pet bed business brands in the country. The company is focused to develop pet products that are best in quality and stylish in appearance. Pet beddings are available from Scruffs for your dogs and cats in UK and mainland Europe. It has the luxurious bedding line ups such as Aviator Donut Bed that has a nonslip base and is machine washable. They provide ultimate comfort with soft fleece lining and are available in different sizes, colours. Minstead Oval Pet bed, Canetello Pet Mattress, Edinburgh Donut bed, Edinburgh pet carrier, Classic Mattress, Expedition Pet bed, Faux leather box bed are some of the large range of bedding accessories from Scruffs.

Royal Canin

At Royal Canin, animals always come first and everything the company does reflect this motto. The products of Royal Canin are purely based on the needs of pets and are developed using the most advanced scientific technology. Each of the products developed at Royal Canin is the result of years of research on the needs of cats and dogs. In 1980, Royal Canin introduced the first line of specific diets for large puppies and in 1999 they introduced specific food for Persian cats. Royal Canin products are available only through vets and specialized pet retailers to make sure they are bought with right advice.


John Burns a practising Veterinary surgeon runs a complete family owned business called Burns Pet Nutrition Limited in Kidwelly, Carmarthenshire West Wales. In 1993, he introduced a range of Real foods for pets that are made in such a way that they allow normal functioning of the pet?s body. These foods are available for cats, dogs and rabbits. All the ingredients that go into the food are of best quality and are totally natural without any chemically active supplements. It allows the pet?s body to function normally and repair itself from any deterioration of the body organs. These foods are made from high quality animal proteins that allow easy digestion of food. The amount of food consumed by the pet is less because of this and is more economical for the pet owner. Another advantage is the less waste produced by the pet as it is fed only what the body requires. There is also a range of products from Burns called Penian Farm complete moist food for dogs.

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