Top Pet Supplies Brands In Australia


In this article, we are going to have a look at some of the top pet supplies brands in the country of Australia.

Beau Pets

Beau Pets is an Australian owned company in the business of manufacturing pet accessories of best quality for around 30 years. A wide range of collars, harnesses and leads are manufactured for dogs, puppies and cats by the company. All the products of Beau Pets are made to be functional and comfortable for the pets and are also highly fashionable. There are leather and nylon collars and leads with jewelled, studded and reflective styles available from Beau Pets. There are special collars and leads for training, farm and domestic applications. The Gentle Leader Easy Walk Harness from Beau Pets is designed to be gentle on the dog but at the same time restricting it from pulling while walking on a leash. All the products of this brand are easy to use and are durable. This brand of products is sold through the leading pet supply retailers of Australia.


Aristopet was established in 1958 and has over 50 years of experience in the pet supplies business. It is reputed for its quality and is a popular brand of pet products in over 30 countries. All the products made at Aristopet are in compliance with the code of Manufacturing Practice of Australia and are administered by the Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority. It works on the formula of continuous improvement and every product is reviewed annually for quality and standards. There are over 250 products under the brand with different products for every possible pet including cats, dogs, rodents, horse, fishes and reptiles. There is a range of medicinal products, behavioural aids, training aids, nutritious treats and grooming products also from Aristopet. The company gives significant importance to research and development to bring out innovative products from time to time for your pets.

Perfect Paws

?Perfect Paws? is a leading brand in Australia that promises professional, prompt and reliable products and services for all the pets. It is the perfect brand for any pet product for a pet owner, mobile dog wash operator, pet grooming salon or a kennel owner as there is a wide range of products under ?Perfect Paws?. They are available for all consumers nationwide in Australia and internationally in certain countries such as New Zealand, England and USA. The customer service personnel at ?Perfect Paws? are highly knowledgeable about various products that they can help you with any query regarding any of their products. Shampoos, conditioners, whitening shampoo, aromatherapy rinses and show shine conditioner are some of the products under the brand.

Australian Pet Brands

Australian Pet Brands is a leading brand for pet foods such as wet, dry and natural treats specially made for pets. There are cat and dog food products manufactured by the company and is a major supplier for pet foods across Australia and the Asia & Pacific region. There are six production units for the company strategically located nationwide. A strict quality control is assured on all the ingredients coming in and end products from the company. Australian Pet Brands Company is committed in long term research and development program to deliver more innovative food products that gives nutrition and energy for your pets.

Fuzz yard

Fuzz yard is a 100% Australian owned and operated company, renowned world-wide with presence in over 20 countries. The company was founded in 2003 by Stu Mcintosh and has shown an amazing growth in the premium pet product business within a few years. There is an extensive range of grooming products consisting of organic extracts, essential oils and natural formulas to give ultimate care for your pets. There is also a very premium range of decorative bedding, stylish feeding trays, accessories and entertaining toys under the brand. Most of the luxury departments stores has Fuzz yard brand of products in display. North America, Japan, Europe, Korea and Hong Kong are some of the countries where Fuzz yard has a presence. Fuzz yard products are based on the principle that all the pets deserved to be loved and treated equally as humans.

Pet Accessories Australia

Pet Accessories is a family owned business started in 2004 in Gold Coast, Queensland. They provide pet products and accessories for dogs and cats, small rodents and birds. The products on display are a variety of collars, leads and belts in different designs and colours, Tent type pet carriers, Feeding utensils, life jackets, grooming accessories such as different types of combs, clippers, dental tooth brushes and cleaning products. There are also a variety of pet toys from the brand that are very entertaining for the pets. Pet Accessories Australia is also the distributors of other top brands of pet products.

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