How To Sell Ink Cartridges?

Mostly all the printer manufacturers also produces replacement printer cartridges that are best suited for their printers in respect of usage and quality i.e. these replacement printer cartridges are specifically designed and manufactured for certain printers. In some rare cases the only option if your printer is quite old or if your used cartridge cannot be refilled any more. The inkjet cartridges can be divided into two categories. Firstly the cartridges which are manufactured by printer manufacturers, these are called genuine inkjet cartridges. Secondly, those cartridges which are refilled to be used again are known as Refilled cartridges.

Select an inkjet cartridge which matches the specification of your printer. For a business the only way to sell its products is via the medium of promotions and advertisements. For a business indulged in selling of inkjet cartridges, the best way to sell its product is by making people realize the benefits of buying an inkjet cartridges, instead of getting it refilled. Various promotion and advertisement tactics can be used to increase the sale of your inkjet cartridges selling business.

Target the right kind of customer:

Target the people who require quality printing work such as photographers, architects, etc. Make them realize the quality which they will get for printing from buying a new inkjet cartridge, can?t be matched by refilled cartridges. If the customers do not want to compromise with the quality of printing he should definitely go for buying new cartridge. Targeting the right kind of customer area will definitely lead to increased sales for your business.

Advertise your products:

An inkjet selling business should advertise its products in classified to gain the attention of prospective customers. Highlight your products in an efficient manner that they attract customers for example genuine inkjet cartridges from printer manufacturers, or compatible inkjet cartridges from a third party, etc. Publish advertisements in the classified giving contact and product details of your business. The most effective medium of advertisement is word to mouth. Ask your friends and family members to promote your business to their near ones.

Target Cooperate organizations:

Try getting a cooperate order for cartridge from big Cooperate organizations. They can be a major client for your business. Every Cooperate organizations require some sort of printing. Cooperate organizations basically allocates tenders for such services. Try to get a yearly tender for supplying cartridges. It can prove to be a big success for your business as they basically place orders in bulk quantity.

Online promotion for your business:

Getting a website developed:

For any business to advertise and promote its products online the best way is to create its own website. You need to develop a website showcasing all your inkjet cartridges product range and services in such manner that it attracts customers for your business.

Forums and Blogs:

There are various forum and blogs available on the internet. They are meeting place for various internet users. Forums are basically community oriented, so you need to target your audience carefully. Provide people with information about your business and the major difference between you and your competitors and why they should choose you over others.

Email Marketing:

Promotions strategies like email marketing make the user to navigate on your website. It also increases the chances for you to find clients from the target audience. It is the most quickest and the cost effective way to promote your business.

No matter what kind of promotion strategy you chose the only thing that will make you sell more products is making see the benefits of buying new cartridge. Let them know why they should buy a new cartridge which is more expensive then getting a cartridge refilled. A new cartridge offers various benefits some of them are as follows:


The most important benefit is warranty of the product. If the user is not satisfied with the performance of the inkjet cartridge or there is some fault in the working, the product can be replaced with in the warranty period which rages differently for various products. If there is a defect in the product, the product is replaced without charging any extra fee from customer. A customer stays assured when he/she is using genuine inkjet cartridge that no technical or performance problems will arise.


As compared to refilled cartridges new cartridges performs more, especially in regard to the number of pages a cartridges can print. A genuine cartridge can print twice the pages which can be printed with the refilled cartridges. This feature makes the price difference between the two variants a minor issue. If you have business which requires large amount of pages to be printed you can go for genuine cartridges which are also available in extra large sizes i.e. only the toner inside the cartridge is bigger the size of cartridge remains same. So it won?t cause any compatibility issues.

You might get some performance issues with your refilled cartridge, such as ink leak from the toner, etc. You will never have such problems with genuine cartridge, even in the rarest case you do have such problem warranty is offered every time you buy a new cartridge. Your defective cartridge will get replaced immediately without giving you any mental tension.

On a personal note, I always use new cartridges for my inkjet printer. It is highly beneficial when you are printing very high quality color prints especially colored photographs, where the color quality is important. In addition to this the various other benefits provided by the new cartridges make them the obvious choice over every other source. No other product can be better then the one which provides peace of mind to its customers.

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