How To Approach For A Dealership In Office Supplies Business

Technological developments have changed the way people work. These days, most of the office work is done on computers and laptops. Office products are required by almost all offices irrespective of scale of operation, location of office and type of business. Office supplies are used for various purposes, and the usage is expected to continue for years to come. It includes the items used in an office for the day to day working of the business like pens, papers, pen holders, envelopes, erasers, calculators, glue sticks, notepads, registers, visitors book, diaries, rulers, etc. used for writing, typing, computing, printing, etc; the equipments like computers, laptops, printers, projectors, scanners, copiers, water dispensers, typewriters, air conditioners, water coolers, etc and furniture like executive chairs, waiting room chairs, conference room tables, work stations, waiting room sofa sets, centre tables, corners, file cabinets, lockers, book shelves, stools for equipments, etc.

Office supplies also include break room supplies like crockery, tissue papers, soap, cleaning kits, soap dispensers, hand dryers, etc. The business of office supplies is a very lucrative option for those who want to earn good profits as the demand has shown a tremendous growth for the last few years and in expected to take a growth path in the years to come.

How to approach for a dealership in office supplies business?

Once you have weighed the pros and cons of entering into the business of office supplies and decided to finally take up a dealership for this business, it will be beneficial if you choose the right dealership based on various factors. The following points throw light on some of these factors:

? Location: The operating location of your business is the deciding factor for most of your business decisions. You can make a list of the dealers already operating in the specific location. Do a comparative analysis of the offerings and cost involved for all of these dealers before making the final decision. You can also go for an upcoming dealer and take advantage by negotiating terms as per your convenience.

? Market: The demand, culture, competition, etc. of the market are prominent factors to be considered. It will not be in the interest of your business if you take up a dealership at a hefty price but the market requirement of these products is not efficient to recover the price paid or of you take up a dealership of some dealer who already has several dealerships in your market and you lose out because of competition.

? Cost involved: Cost is one of the most important factors that affect your choice. Not only the initial cost but the recurring expenses involved are to be considered. When you are analyzing the various options, you can follow this golden rule- Benefits accruing because of cost incurred shall be more than the expenses for a successful business. Optimum cost is that which can be recovered in a short span of time through profits.

? Goodwill: It takes a lot of time to establish goodwill in the market. Years of hard work and quality service establishes the reputation. Goodwill or reputation of the dealership in the market is another important factor to be considered. If the dealership does not have a good name in the market and is available at rock bottom prices, it will not be in the benefit of your business. On the other hand if the dealership has a very good reputation in the market it will always be good if you join hands together.

? Products: The variety and range of products offered by the office supplies dealership is also to be considered while making a choice. The market demand shall be matched accordingly before you actually freeze one option. To make a choice of a dealership, it is very important that you access the products offered each option.

? Referrals: Do not make a decision before speaking to existing dealers and other associated people. Listening to their advice will be beneficial for you as it will help you to narrow down to the last few options by eliminating the unsuitable ones.

? Flexibility: It is advisable to access the flexibility offered by each dealership in tems of delivery, payment, supply, etc. Choose the one which suits your requirements and is in line with the market.

? Terms: Last but not the least, the terms shall be mutually agreed between both the parties. The decision of taking a dealership for office supplies business is very crucial. You can either go for an exclusive dealership to cater to a niche market segment or opt for a number of dealerships under one house to provide more variety to the customers. The business of office supplies surely has a lot of potential for growth as the demand is ever increasing.

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