Best Printers To Buy For Office Accounting

Choosing the right printer depends mainly on what you want to print out accurately. Choice of printer depends upon your requirements. There are all-in-one all-rounder printers, which can print you both texts and images, a pure photo printer, which can print the images of your own digital camera in "photo lab quality print" and a printer for the office, where mainly you wanted to print rapid texts, letters and bills etc. While opting for a printer its operating costs should be kept in mind, because most often cheap inkjet printer cartridges needed, which often exceed the price of a new device. There are many factors to be considered when you are buying a printer, the following Buying Guides for Printers will help you to gain an overview of the market and to find the right printer for you. Which technique you choose is ultimately up to you. It?s up to your office requirements and needs.

1) Technology used with printers:

Inkjet Applications:

The cheapest and most versatile printer can be found with the inkjet devices. Inkjet printer can print not only paper but also by means of transfer paper T-shirts, CDs and DVDs and films can also get printed. Inkjets are suitable for text, graphic and photo printing. If a color here tends to the end, you only have to replace this one color and not just all three. Thus, the user saves a lot of the printing costs. Inkjet printers can be problematic in the maintenance requirements, and there is a risk that if the ink get dried then no printing is possible.

Laser Applications:

Black and white laser printers are mainly used in areas where little is to do with photos. This type of printer is fast, inexpensive and usually quiet, offers quality but only for the application as plain text printer. The typical laser printer prints black and white. Although the cost of a laser printer is much higher than those of an inkjet printer, laser printers still have some distinct advantages. Print much faster than inkjets one, is also its pressure and razor sharp, at least as long as it is only for text and graphics.

Photo Printer Applications:

If you are having a need of printing photos for your office work. You can opt for photo printer; it prints your office photos. These are devices, which specialize in the printing of digital photos, often have far more than three inks, it can be up to 9 pieces that great for a spectrum of colors, smooth transitions and generally used for brilliant print results.

One of the useful features of this printer is it can be implemented with the help of a built-in card reader. So it is possible for you to get the prints from your camera without using your PC.

2) Capacity of a Printer:

You should definitely check for the capacity of a printer, the amount of papers it can get printed. It depends upon your office requirements. Then you need to go with a printer which can print at least that much. You must consider input capacity also, it follows thumb rule and states that pick a printer with enough capacity to let you add paper no more than once a week.

3) Size of a Printer:

You should always buy a printer which is adjustable and makes you comfortable. This check is really important it helps you to save space and check portability issues. Printers come in variety of sizes now it?s up to you which size suits your office requirement.

4) Connection Cables:

LPT port has now brought almost all USB printers on the market, and those old computers should have no problem with the 1.1 standard, because now not too much data is to be transported. If no USB connection is available, there still remains the possibility of a printer to connect to the LPT port. You should check this think before buying a printer otherwise it can major problems.

5) Cost of a printer:

You should also check for the total cost and running cost of a printer. You can find variations in the cost factor of the printers. You should go by the quality of an expensive printer because it may happen a low cost printer can trouble you throughout its life time. You need to make refill every time at a very high cost. You will always save money by buying an expensive printer in terms of its operating cost. Do not fall for low price offers if they are raised by our traps hidden behind it. Usually it?s beneficial to buy an expensive device which can ultimately save operating costs.

6) Paper Handling Issues:

You should also check for the maximum and minimum paper size allowed by printer. Sometimes you need to choose a printer which can print both the sides of a paper. It?s always worth spending money on a duplexer.

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