Best Computers To Buy For Office Use

When you are starting your new office, purchasing computers for office use requires considerable attention as it consumes a huge part of your total investment. You have many options available while considering buying computers for official use. You have laptops, desktops, pocket pc, notebooks and PDAs also. You have too many options available and moreover too many brands also. So making a optimum decision requires a thorough study of all the pros and cons of every alternative you have. Even if you are experienced computer users and you have a vast knowledge about computers, the speed at which technology moves can make your choice lag behind quickly. There are many questions arise in the mind while considering to buy office computers.

How many computers, how many laptops, and how many notebooks you will require for different purposes.

What brand you should buy?
How much you can spend?
What are the warranty conditions?
What about data backup?
Where to buy?

Choosing the best computer for office:

So how will you choose your office computers? First step in this direction is you need to ask one realistic question to yourself, what tasks you actually require to be performed with your office computers. Is it just simple word processing requirements or internet use, either you require high graphics for designing work or just simple database management. The point being stressed is to purchase the computer that can adequately perform the entire task you require rather than buying a ?wow? factor computer. These are the main considerations to look for while making a decision of buying office computer. These are the main components to consider.

Where to purchase

While taking decision of buying office computers you have to decide from where you will buy computers. If you are purchasing your computer from local retail store, you should enquire where it will be returned if found unsatisfactory or whether any particular retailer is giving extended warranty or free add-ons. Or if you are purchasing computer through mail order what is the return policy of theirs if any computer found unsatisfactory. What is the closer service location area etc?

Which Brand to buy?

After selecting the location of where to buy the computer you should now answer the perhaps the most difficult question of your purchase decision. That is which brand you should buy. As every brand nowadays are giving huge advertising and making tall claims to show their brand superior to others. While making a brand decision you should not go for brand image or wow factor. Rather you should do a cost benefit analysis. You should analyse whether the cost is appropriate to the features of the computers or they are charging excessively. Price charged should justify the features a computer is having.


While deciding about purchasing computer you should also consider the support, manufacturer is providing in case any issue arises. It is an important consideration to look for. You should be able to contact to support representative if any problem arises any time. Lack of support can put your company in jeopardize situation. As in today?s scenario no computer is equal to no work. You should consider the following things while looking for the support options.

Is the support is provided 24 hours, 7 days a week? If not what are the hours and weekdays Is the support from customer care is open on holidays? If not you should know the days in advance on which it is closed.

What support options are available from them phone, email, chat or personal visit?

Warranty offered:

Finally you should consider the warranty offered by the manufacturer. How long is the warranty period? Does the warranty covers both software or hardware issues. The computer will be considered only if it is providing at least one year warranty. Some cheap computers are coming with 90 days warranty period which means if after that 90 days warranty period some hardware or software problem arises, you will have to pay the charges for fixing that problem and repairing expenses.

Legal software

While buying computers for office use, you should ensure that it comes with legal software. Some low end shops and small computer companies do not provide you the authentic and legal copies of software which is illegal. Always ask for the original software. If any software requires a licence number or registration key, ensure that it comes along with the computer while purchasing. All these certificates of originality should come along with the computer.


After deciding about the brand, service issues and all, now question arises how you will configure all your office computers. That means to decide about:

How much hard drive you will require to have in every computer.
What will be the RAM?
What processor you will require to have in computers?
Weight is also considered while purchasing laptops for office use.
Does it include sound card and graphic card?
Whether the monitor is a CRT, LCD or LED display?
After answering all these questions and considering all these above mentioned points, you will be able to make the best choice.

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