What Everything You Can Sell In Office Products Business?

The business of office products is growing at a fast pace in the recent times due to the increasing demand for office products. Office products refer to the items used in an office regularly for its day to day functioning. It is a very broad term. In the business of office products, one can sell various products. If you are looking for what all you can sell in the said business, this article comes handy. Office products can be categorized broadly into six categories namely- office stationary, office equipment, office furniture, office IT supplies, office pantry or break room supplies and corporate gift supplies. In the business of office products, a business house can choose to sell all or a combination of these products. The decision of whether to sell all or a combination of these products is governed by various factors.

Office stationary

Office stationary is a regular item in the purchasing list of most offices. It covers a wide range of products like- pens, paper, pen holders, paper clips, paper weight, post it notes, staplers, stapler pins, punching machines, binding machine, files, folders, all pins, stick pads, notepads, paper cutter, calculators, etc. Office stationary is the basic requirement for any business. If one opts to sell office stationary, it can be a very rewarding venture as the demand is huge. It will be beneficial if you tie up with various suppliers to offer more variety and range to the customers. Proper marketing and advertising will definitely be a plus point for the growth of the business.

Office equipment

Office equipments include computers, laptops, printers, copiers, scanners, dictation equipments, fax machines, projectors, telephone sets, air conditioners, cameras, refrigerators, water dispensers, microwaves, hot cases, laminators, etc. If you are planning to sell office equipments, you can provide a few additional services like office delivery, maintenance and service of equipments, etc. to attract more customers. Big organizations normally go for a tender to purchase their office equipments. You can also place a quotation in tenders of these organizations to get big and repetitive orders.

Office furniture

Office furniture is one of the most basic office products that are required by almost all offices. The furniture requirements of every office vary as per the space available, budget allotted, choice of furniture, etc. Under this category a business house can sell desks, conference room tables, employee chairs, executive chairs, waiting room chairs, reception tables, file cabinets, computer tables, drawers, cubicles, partitions, storage cabinets, lockers, office sofa sets, side stools, corner stools, book shelves, file racks, cupboards, etc. If you are selling office furniture it will be beneficial if you list your business on various directories over the internet. Online advertising is a great way to attract new customers.

Office IT supplies

In this tech savvy world, almost every office requires IT supplies. IT supplies includes software, antivirus for computers, cables, wires, blue tooth device, etc. It will be an added advantage if you offer certain schemes and discounts on these products.

Office pantry and break room supplies

Every office wants to provide best amenities to their staff to improve their productivity levels. A well maintained pantry and break room is the basic necessity for every office. One can choose to sell the following pantry and break room supplies in the business of office products- crockery, tissue papers, coffee vending machines, water dispensers, air fresheners, eatables, bins, wipes, soap dispenser, soap, tea, coffee, sugar, tissues, cleaning products, first aid and safety kits, etc.

Corporate gift supplies

Corporate gifts have a very broad spectrum. Under this a business house can sell anything ranging from an inexpensive pen to an expensive watch. In the business of office products, one can sell almost everything used in office as a corporate gift items like pen holders, files, folders, crockery, pen sets, calendars, wall clock, etc.

Other items which one can sell in the said business can be computer accessories, CDs, DVDs, wrist rests, foot mats, computer cleaning kits, etc.

There are many things that one can sell in the business of office products. Definitely, a one stop shop for all the office products will be a delight for offices across the world. However, one must evaluate the cost and benefits of selling each category before actually entering into it. One can choose to expertise in selling one category of products or a combination of these products or all of them. Various factors will affect the decision to sell choose the items on the selling list like investment budget allocated, profitability expected, availability of items, etc. A business house can also enter into selling one category of office products and slowly with time can expand into the others categories after gaining experience. An added advantage attached to this model is that the business house can sell the newly added office products to the existing clientele. Thus a large database of customers is already available.

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