How To Win Over Competitors In Office Supplies Business

Every office spends a huge amount of money on office supplies. All offices need on regular basis the items which are used in day to day office work like paper, paper clips, staples, pens pencils, ink, registers, notepads and many other things. Office supplies includes vast range of material that is used on daily basis in every office and it can range from small items to high cost equipment?s like computers , printers and even includes office furniture also.

Office supply business is a business which holds regular demand. So a company being in office supply business can have stable revenue over a period of time provided it can beat its competitors. Larger the industry, larger is competition. Office supply industry holds a major proportion in overall economy. And competition is very high in the office supplies business. To beat the competition in office supply business, an entrepreneur must ask these following questions to himself.

? Who are my competitors whether direct or indirect?
? What kind of quality they provide
? What strategies we should opt to make our product better.
? Is there any way to share information, products or services with an indirect competitor to beat a direct competitor?
? How can I partner with my strongest competitors to take over our industry? After answering all these questions you would be able to know your competitors and you can develop a strategy to beat the competition. Following are some ways to beat the competition in office products business.

Know your competitors:

To beat the competition, you should be fully aware about your competitors. You can take help of yellow pages and encyclopaedias here to uncover your competitors. Business publications, employment ads, competitor ads also help. You should carefully analyse the ways and methods competitors are following. You should attack on their weak points and make strategies accordingly.

SWOT Analysis:

You should also perform a swot analysis of your company as well as competitors. swot analysis lets you know in which areas you are strong and which area is out of the range of your company. If your company is stronger in particular area compared to competitors, you should try to capitalize that area. You should also keep an eye on possible opportunities and threats that can arise in future so that you can prepare your organization to face them beforehand.

Put yourself in customer?s shoe:

Customer satisfaction is the most significant area that every business should focus on to achieve long term profits. If the customer is not satisfied with your product you cannot survive in the business. But for providing satisfaction you must know exactly what the consumer wants. Only then you can work on the ways to provide highest customer satisfaction. Put yourself in the customer shoe and feel like if you were the customer what type, what quality, what value additions you would want to have while making a decision for purchasing the product.

Provide value added products:

Your product will be popular among customers only if you are providing better products than your competitors. Customer will buy your products over competitor?s product only if he gets more satisfaction from your product and starts building a liking for your product. Like you are using better wooden material in office furniture that lasts longer than competitors, it will give you a competitive advantage. Better the value addition you will give better sales you can have. That strategy is based on internal focus where you focus on your product only to make it popular among customers.

Using professional researchers:

Another option to beat the cut throat competition is to hire professional researchers who are specialized in building competitive strategies to face market competition. It will be a cost to the company but you should take it as an investment because the returns of this cost will be yielding in future time periods in the form of increasing sales.

Be innovative:

To beat competition you don?t have to follow the trend but you should be a trend creator. You should be innovative and should keep on adding new features to your product line. Customer likes nothing more than a different thing and they are also ready to pay high price for novelty. Like in office furniture, company is ready to pay higher amount if the design is entirely different than other offices. Innovation is the weapon that can beat any kind of competition and make your company market leader.

Build relationship with customers:

As customer is regarded as the king of the market you should treat him like that only. You should add personal touch in dealing with your customers to turn them into brand loyal customers so that if they are having complaints also with your products they must come to you to solve that problems rather just switching to other company. Customers turn into loyal customers only if you give them best quality personalized service and remove complaints as soon as they arise to build a good image of your company.

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