Getting Started With Calling Cards Business


It is a common type of business in VoIP industry to start a business that is related to selling of the calling cards. Different customers have different needs of calling. We need to consider the geographical areas that are peculiar to having most of the traffic in the world. Based upon the research that we do in these area, we need to design specific calling cards that suit those requirements. The business that involves the calling cards is typically for the kinds of business owners who want to invest and reap benefits from the VoIP market. In the article to follow, we are going to explore the various steps to be taken towards the start of a calling cards business.


First you need to gather your resources in order to set up an infrastructure that can cater the calling card business. You need to build or rather purchase the various systems that are involved in running a calling cards business. You cannot run a calling cards business without an infrastructure that is solid for the requirements of the various users. You certainly do not want to spend a whole lot of time in then maintenance of your systems rather than approaching the customers to sell your VoIP subscriptions. You need to check the various systems that are required to start a VoIP service provision.


Billing software forms a very integral part of a business in calling cards service. You have to choose appropriate calling card software. This will ensure that all the calls that are made by the utilization of the resources pertaining to your business are tracked down and billed. There should not be a single call for which billing is not done or missed out. This will cause a loss of airtime to your VoIP Company if it cannot bill the customers and have a loophole in your billing service. You have to go for a billing service that is the most powerful an effective in billing your customers for the calls that are made through your resources. Your billing software however must be easy to use and debug. This makes the billing software one of the major concerns for the VoIP industry. There should be one billing system software that must be able to provide billing requirement for various products, maybe it is prepaid, postpaid or pay by call types. It should also have features that provide the facilities such as generation of the PIN number, the fees for the usage of the service, the date of expiry of a particular plan of a service, and many more details like that.


Only one server must be capable of handling all the requests and the IP telephony traffic on the internet from your various customers at a given particular time. If only one server is used in order to save the cost of maintaining various servers and the kind of network that is established by them, it is essential that you follow certain specifications and then only make an order of purchase of that server. The server must be capable of handling approximately 500 calls that are made at a given instance of time. Only then the server is termed as a decent one to be used in VoIP traffic handling according to the traffic that is generated these days. The specifications might change as the VoIP services become more and more popular on this planet.

Internet services backbone

Internet services are perhaps the backbone that can cater the VoIP service established by a company. It is necessary that your service should have a very high availability and it should be online most of the times in a year. It should seldom give you problems that are related to the disconnection of your services to the customers. Your connection should have a very high reliability and should have speeds that are able to cater enough traffic of voice at an any given instant. It is seen that the services for the internet from any service provider is far less reliable as compared to that of the services that are related to the calling on the phone. If your internet is down then your customers are out of service. In case your internet service provider has connection such that there is a problem of frequent disconnection, then you might want to consider a service provider which is reliable just for a backup.

Power services

In most of the cities in India, there is a chance of power disconnection in order to save the power due to shortage faced in most of the places. In these cases, you might select the option of keeping a power generator so that your systems never shut down and provide greatest reliability services. It is essential that you have a battery backup via the UPS. It is necessary that your power source provides you with the desired integrity. If your server is in a co-location, then you automatically have an access to a generator. Thus, in this article we have studied the various aspects of getting started a calling cards business.

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