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The telecom business involves primarily reducing the cost operating a telecom network by a means of implementation of various methods to implement the reduction in the costs involved in the operating of telecom networks. It also includes the various skills that are applicable towards the improvement in the service that is to be availed to the users. Look at the trend that is seen in the costs of the long distance rates reduction that is going on these days. You might notice a common pattern that the service providers are able to avail their users with low cost facilities in the long distance calls to their customers. Strategies and management skills like these are used in order to attract sales from the various potential clients. In the article to follow, we are going to explore the various aspects that are applicable in the telecom management business.

Improvement in telecom management since past few years

It was not much in the past, but two years ago, were charging their customers with heavy prices if they were to avail for the international calling services on their existing phone connections. These customers used to pay very high prices and obviously they used to not able to talk for long time on calls like these. But this has changed lately and it has been so due to the various telecom management strategies that are applicable to these services. These days in fact, great rates are applicable on the long distance calls. And it is all thanks to the good telecom management approaches that have been adapted by the telecom industry these days. They have improved on their negotiation skills with the various carriers to buy the spectrum or the leased lines from them. They try to get the best offers in the market from these carriers.

Given below are the steps that are applicable for getting the best rates and hence a better approach towards telecom management:

Negotiation process

You being a telecom manager, have to be upfront and start your telecom negotiation process at a very early stage. When you start at the earliest, even before the competitors in the market that you have do, then you can be sure of having leverage on the negotiation process. You have to keep a check on the various promotions that are available in the market from the carriers on a quarterly basis. You have to start the renewal process of the leased lines or the spectrum before the renewal dates of the contract. This is the way that you make sure that you have access to all the promotional rates that are applicable when it comes closer and closer to the date of expiry of the contract.

Other carriers? business details

You have to pay a close attention that is available from other carriers as well. In order to establish a market price, you have to engage in the competitive bidding as well. You need to ask the other carriers for their best rates as well. This is the way; you can compare and weigh your options. The best rates are not the final offer from the telecom carriers. Usually, there is a way you can push the carriers to reduce the price further owing to the competition that is available in the market. It is not preferable and professional that you engage yourself in a war for bidding with several telecom carriers in the market. Engage with the ones with whom you are almost sure to do business with. It is seen that engaging in business and hence bidding with two carriers will give you far cheaper rates than usually engaging with several carriers business at a time.

Be a visionary

You have to think of long term goals to be achieved rather than looking for the best rates. There are many things that are not visible beyond the rates. You agree with bidding with two carriers who let out their best rates applicable to you. Then it is your duty to investigate about what is applicable beyond the rates of these carriers. Customer service and the billing details resources will cost you a lot. In fact it causes huge investments to be made. Consider the options as in what are the various carriers are going to provide you with in terms of these services rather than only looking at the prices. Billing is very useful and cost effective and is going to fetch your company with lots of money and income. Billing for a fraction of a pulse time is very useful. This is because it will save your company?s money and will fetch you an income of additional maybe 5 per cent on your existing bills that are let out to your customers.

More than one carrier for business

There is no hard and fast rule that you have to derive carrier from one and only one company. Consider more options at a time. You can optimize your resources and investment by doing business with more than one carrier at a time.

Thus, in this article, we have seen the various aspects of telecom business managem.

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