How Prepaid Phone Cards Work?


Phone cards are very simple to use because of the fact that it is just like the making of a regular phone call to others. The only difference between a T-Mobile prepaid phone card and other cards is that there are two extra steps to be followed. First, there is a requirement that you must dial one of the access numbers that is given for your phone card. This step allows you in order to perform the second step applicable which is to enter your pin number to be entered. The final step is to dial your destination number and your call gets connected to the other side of the world. In the article to follow, we shall discuss about the working of a prepaid phone card and their utility offered to the various customers throughout the world.

What is a Prepaid Phone Card?

Prepaid phone cards are the ones that is used to stock minutes for a set amount of predefined value of the money, usually with a credit of $5, $10, $15, $25 or $50 currencies. The amount of talk time that is offered varies depending up on the location of the call from where it is made from, fees and duration for which the call lasts for some time. These cards are useful particularly for those people who don't wish to shoot up their phone bills especially with the international calls, people without the long distance phone service, or the customers who are not in pursuit of not wanting their calls recorded on to a bill.

Prepaid phone cards- a bad deal

However, prepaid phone cards are also known to be a potentially bad deal in the market. Many include lots of fine print that hides hefty amount of fees, the terms and conditions and the extra fees charged that eat up the card's total value. There are also problems that are faced with fly by night operations that are conducted that close shop, taking away the callers' money and unpaid minutes in the process of the various transactions. Because of these potential threats and dangers, most reputable review sites such as for e.g. CNET only recommend cards that are backed by major carriers of the world.

The Possible Pitfalls of Prepaid Phone Cards

According to the reviewer site CNET, prepaid phone cards are such a risky prospect that that is let out in the market for the customers to buy that the cards might actually be considered a form of gambling that happens around. Citing what the differences are between the billable account for phone purposes (phone charge account) cards and prepaid versions of the offered phone cars in the market, Livingston points out that the majority of prepaid deals are known to be shaky, opaque in the kinds of deals that are provided by them and also a poor bargain.

The evidences

One case that was highlighted in the New York City magazine displays a crackdown on service vendors' unscrupulous but now they are exposed practices. The Company called Teveland in the US advertised rates as low as 3.9 cents per minute, but yet never delivered on those promises as they were made to the public before. In 2000, it so happened that the New York State Attorney fined the company 4000 dollars to paid in the penalties, saying in a statement issued later that it was not yet disclosed to the public, or it was disclosed in public such that extremely fine print or on extremely hard to read signs, that there were other forms of fees that were applicable and the connection charges that greatly increased the price of a call made to any part of the world. Whether it's a US $ 5 card or a card that is more expensive one, these cards may be more hassle than they can actually provide help with.

Is Any Prepaid Calling Cards Safe to Use?

The only calling cards that are safe to use are the ones sold by major phone companies throughout the world. AT&T, SingTel Communications, Vodafone, Telstra, Virgin Mobile, Ida cellular, RIM etc. are the companies that sell a card that is worth depending up on through their authorized retail form of the stores and the company website on the internet. There are even "instant" phone cards that are available in the market. Cards available for purchase on the web site of the company those are ready to be used for use immediately as and when there is a requirement to be used. No physical card is needed to actually be bought. These cards offer ten minutes of talk time for US $ 7 and up to a maximum of 750 minutes are offered for US $ 37.50. International calls are the ones that cost you more. However, these cards work, and AT&T is a kind of company that isn't going anywhere soon, minimizing the possibility of fraud in their services.

Thus we have explored the various aspects of a prepaid phone card.

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